If You Are Planning To Get Botox Treatment, You Need To See This ASAP

Botox treatment is a procedure that involves injections containing Botulinum Toxins; these toxins can cause muscle paralysis when injected into skeletal muscles. In simpler terms, these toxins can decrease or stop a muscle’s ability to move, which minimizes skin wrinkling. The process doesn’t last long as it only requires a few minutes to inject a needle into some particular muscles on the face. It also causes minor discomfort as no anesthesia is required and is most commonly used to reduce wrinkling caused by actions like smiling, frowning, squinting, and is a great anti-aging solution for many people. However, what about the people who aren’t yet at the risk of suffering the effects of aging? We are talking about those in their teens or 20s, could Botox be beneficial to them? Or are they exposing themselves to any risks by getting Botox too soon? We put these questions under the scrutinizing microscope.

Botox, which can also be used to treat uncontrolled blinking and lazy eye conditions, is a well-known common go-to for people trying to combat the effects of aging and as such only makes sense that the risks and benefits, dos and don’ts of the procedure be analyzed to prevent people from making regrettable mistakes all in the name of looking as young as ever or not as old as your age.

Cori Agarwal, a plastic surgeon at the University of Utah Health Care said, and I quote, “There is no risk to getting Botox too early, it’s just a waste of money,” he continued, “We don’t know of any downside of starting too early, but also, no benefit.”

Agarwal stresses that people do not essentially need to start receiving Botox injections until their skin starts reducing in elasticity. One way to identify a reduction in elasticity, which often occurs in one’s thirties, is to notice if the lines from facial expressions linger after you might have stopped making that expression.

We shall break down the pros and cons of Botox:



In conclusion, Dr. Agarwal iterates that Botox is a great solution that should be considered by both men and women. However, she also counsels that whether it is to avert aging, eradicate wrinkles, or create a friendlier countenance, it’s probably wise and advisable to wait until your thirties or when there is substantial proof of reduction in elasticity of the skin before commencing the receipt of Botox injections.

Note: Botox injections should not be received by or administered to the following group of people:

All in all, it is believed that while Botox remains the perfect solution to maintain a wrinkle-free face, it still cannot smoothen out all wrinkles. Hence, it is advised to consult a doctor before treatment is commenced.

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