Kelly Clarkson On Hosting BBMAs While Struggling With Appendicitis

Ever since she appeared in the first ever season of American Idol, it has been all about climbing the ladder of success for Kelly Clarkson. Be it the stage performance or fighting with illness, the singer has proved that she is a warrior and even a health problem like Appendicitis cannot stop her. The most recent example of her endurance was when she hosted the esteemed Billboard Awards while going through immense pain in her appendix.

Kelly’s health condition happens to be extremely common as thousands of individuals in America are being hit by it every year. Generally, an infection caused by a blockage inside the appendix results in inflammation and swelling which induces severe pain in the lower abdomen. To look out for the signs, it should be noted if there is a sudden feeling of pain around the naval area shifting to the right abdominal region.

Aside from the abdominal pain, some other symptoms such as low-grade fever, nausea, appetite loss, and bloating may also indicate a possibility of Appendicitis.

The standard process for treating this problem is to remove the appendix surgically as it may lead to a life-threatening infection otherwise. For the surgical procedure, it can be either in the form of laparoscopic surgery or appendectomy, where the first option is usually preferred over the other as it involves a smaller incision comparatively. Usually, the laparoscopic operation is less painful and allows a fast recovery, but in cases in which the infection spreads outside the appendix, appendectomy becomes necessary to clean the abdominal area.

Fortunately, in most cases, removing the appendix doesn’t result in complications or side effects despite the scientific belief that it may have a role in increasing good bacteria inside the stomach. Thankfully, the A Moment Like This singer, who had a break down from the intense pain, went for surgery right after attending the Awards night.

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