Taylor Swift On Coming To Terms With Her Weight Gain

As the music icon Taylor Swift approaches 30, she talked about the major lessons of life she learned till now which also include the struggles she had regarding body image.

In an article named 30 Things I Learned Before Turning 30 published by the lifestyle magazine Elle, the singer shared different learning experiences including her feelings about putting on some extra pounds. She revealed the facts about accepting the extra weight and convincing her mind that few more ounces of fat mean shinier hair, curves, and better energy.

Taylor emphasized that she has been constantly trying to build a positive body image. She explained that a lot of people push themselves a bit too much with dieting which can be dangerous sometimes. The singing star also mentioned working on mental health and said that she does it by not paying attention to what everybody comments on social media.

Moreover, she expressed her thoughts about how one’s self-esteem can stay healthy with seeking less approval or praise from the comments that you receive on the internet. Though she continues to share life updates on social media, she doesn’t let anyone throw their opinion as she no more feels the need to get a validation from the people.

Taylor also discussed aging and pointed out how society is encouraging a mindset that believes showing signs of aging is probably the worst thing ever in a woman’s life. It gives a message that women are not supposed to age which is an impossible thing to be true.

With this, Taylor took the opportunity to appreciate Jameela Jamil who has been working on this issue. She elaborated that reading Jamil’s words gives a feeling of a strong voice that speaks sensibly among the others who promote this unrealistic goal of finding eternal youth, especially because it is nowhere expected from men.

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