11 Romantic Chocolate Desserts You Can Make With Boxed Cake Mix

If there’s ever a time to go all-out with chocolate, it’s Valentine’s Day. But just because you’re in the mood to eat a decadent dessert doesn’t necessarily mean you feel like taking the time to bake one from scratch. That’s where shortcuts like boxed cake mix come in.

Cake from a box comes out perfectly every time thanks to the absolute perfect combination of ingredients that add flavor, texture and the perfect amount of rise. I’m sure you’ve baked one before, so there’s no need for a hard sell. What you may not have tried is using cake mix in recipes other the one on the back of the box — there are so many things you can do to the powdered mix besides just stirring it with oil and eggs and pouring it into a cake pan.

The 11 chocolate desserts below range from super-rich cakes to soft, airy cookies. All of them start with boxed cake mix and are easy enough for people who can’t quite master baking from scratch. Whether you’re eating out or staying in on Valentine’s Day, you’ll definitely want to head home for dessert.

Ooey-gooey cake

This gooey chocolate cake has sour cream, which makes it extra dense, like a cross between cake and a brownie.

Chocolate cake mix bars

Sweetened condensed milk and a healthy amount of white and milk chocolate chips make these chocolate cake mix bars totally irresistible.

Triple-chocolate brownies

These chocolate brownies are three times as nice as the regular kind, with a layer of pudding and a layer of frosting.

Ridiculous chocolate cake

You’d never guess this gorgeous chocolate cake was made with boxed mix. It’s also got pudding mix and sour cream for extra texture and richness.

Chocolate-peanut butter chip Bundt cake

Anyone will go nuts for this peanut butter Bundt cake.

Better-than-anything cake

What’s a better-than-anything cake? Chocolate saturated with sweetened condensed milk and caramel sauce covered in a generous layer of Cool Whip.

Chocolate dump cake

The best part of this chocolate dump cake is that you can top it with as much ice cream and chocolate sauce as you want.

Chocolate cake mix cupcakes

These adorable chocolate cupcakes are better than a human valentine, TBH.

Earthquake cake

Can’t decide between chocolate and vanilla? Earthquake cake is what you need.

Chocolate cake mix cookies

Cookies are a mess-free dessert option, and you can totally make them with a box of cake mix.

Black forest cake

This black forest cake looks and tastes fancy, but it’s made with convenient cherry pie filling and marshmallows.

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