Caution: gonorrhea by Kissing transmitted

Transmission of gonorrhea by kissing?

So far, it was assumed that gonorrhea spreads through sexual contact. The latest findings now show, however, that the typical statements need to be reconsidered for the Transmission of the disease. Researchers found that even passionate Kissing can contribute to the spread of gonorrhea.

In the investigation of the Monash University in Melbourne, it was found that gonorrhea is also about kisses transfer. The results of the study were published in the English scientific journal “British Medical Journal” (BMJ).

Latest research results show, that gonorrhoea by Kissing transmitted. (Image: Giovanni Cancemi/

Number of cases of gonorrhea is increasing

The published data show that the number of cases of gonorrhea (colloquially often also known as the clap) in the last five years of 63 per cent has increased, in particular in the case of heterosexual men and women living in cities. Between 2012 and 2016, the number of which increased in men by 72 percent in women, the increase was 43 percent.

More and more strains of gonorrhea are resistant to antibiotics

Antibiotic resistance and the lack of use of condoms were excluded as the cause for the alarming prevalence of the venereal disease, which means that the medicine for a long time in front of a puzzle. It is more and more doubt to a known set of potential arose Due to the Transfer. The researchers therefore hypothesized that Kissing could promote the spread, because more and more people are practicing oral sex.

Kiss gonorrhea can be transmitted

Now, researchers have provided at the end of the Monash University in Melbourne, the first evidence that Kissing may be an important route of Transmission, and condoms may not be enough to prevent the spread of the disease. In order to assess whether so-called oropharyngeal gonorrhea can alone be by kissing with tongue, or as part of sexual intercourse is transferred, collected, the researchers in the year 2016 and in 2017 information of homosexual and bisexual volunteers.

Data of 4,643 men were evaluated

More than 11,000 participants were asked to answer a short survey about your sexual practices and for the study, the data of 4,643 men (40.6%) were then evaluated. Slightly more than six percent of the Participating oropharyngeal gonorrhoea was diagnosed. The proportion of men with the disease was low, if not kissing during sexual intercourse, explain the authors of the study.

Kissing is a risk factor

The results suggest that Kiss with or without Sex is a risk factor for oropharyngeal gonorrhea. After taking into account potentially other influential factors, the probability of a positive effect on oropharyngeal gonorrhea tested was increased to 46 percent if the men had kissed four or more partners to have Sex. The value was increased by 81 percent, when the men had their partners kissing and having Sex with them – compared with men, which were only together with a Partner from one of the above categories.

The danger should not be underestimated

Although it is only an observational study, warned the researchers not to the fact that the importance of the Transmission of gonorrhea by Kissing underestimated and neglected. The results suggest that Kiss with or without Sex is a risk factor for oropharyngeal gonorrhea. (as)