China’s MediWay Technology deploys new HIT platform using Intersystems IRIS for Health

Cambridge-headquartered Intersystems today announced that MediWay Technology, a China-based healthcare software company, has built and deployed its new iMedical Cloud healthcare IT ecosystem platform using InterSystems IRIS for Health™.

IRIS for Health was launched in October 2018 and is built upon the InterSystems IRIS Data Platform (which was made generally available in February 2018), combines transaction processing and analytics with embedded interoperability to offer a fast development platform for building mission-critical applications at scale.

Some of the IRIS for Health data platform’s features include:

  • An application framework for rapid development of solutions using Health Level Seven (HL7) Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR), including FHIR Server and SMART on FHIR capabilities.
  • Out–of-the-box support for every major U.S. and regional l healthcare interoperability standard and certification, including HL7 Versions 2 and 3, Consolidated CDA (C-CDA), integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE), American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), X12, NCPDP, DICOM, and others.
  • A normalised and extensible healthcare data model that allows for seamless transitions between standards.

Why it matters

MediWay’s iMedical healthcare information system (HIS) is used by around 500 healthcare organisations, including more than 300 tertiary hospitals and 30 top-100 hospitals in China. To accelerate the digital transformation of healthcare, however, MediWay and its partner Tencent Cloud require higher levels of accessibility, scalability and interoperability.

Two iMedical Cloud applications, available to all healthcare stakeholders hosted on Tencent Cloud, have been launched with two core functionalities – transactional cloud collaboration (Cloud HIS) and data cloud collaboration (HealthChain). iMedical Cloud can be used within a region for real-time healthcare information exchange, centralised management control and unified allocation of resources. IRIS for Health supports the vastly increased data volumes required with features like sharding. This distributes data across a number of cloud-based servers to provide flexible, inexpensive performance scaling.

IRIS for Health’s support for cloud-first development using container technology also allows MediWay Technology to take full advantage of the strategic partnership between its parent company, DHC Software, and Tencent Cloud. This enables MediWay to continue to integrate technologies such as AI, blockchain, and speech input with its cloud-based healthcare solution.

On the record

“A cloud solution solves many pain points in healthcare,” said William Han, Chairman and CEO of MediWay Technology. “For example, it can provide a healthcare information system for county clinics, community healthcare centres and small-to-medium sized hospitals without the need for computer rooms, local servers or maintenance staff. By supporting our strategic pivot, InterSystems and its IRIS for Health technology have yet again shown the true partnership we’ve come to expect after 20 years of collaboration.”

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