Coronavirus symptoms update: French man suffers this sexual symptom – what is it?

Coronavirus symptoms seem to be bringing about new and unusual signs almost weekly. A French man who contracted the virus suffered a condition affecting his penis.


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The novel coronavirus could cause a condition known as priapism after a French man suffered with the condition.

The unidentified 62-year old suffered with the painful condition while receiving care in hospital for a severe bout of COVID-19.

Known as priapism the condition affects a man’s penis.

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What is priapism?

Priapism is a long-lasting painful erection said the NHS.

The health site continued: “It can cause permanent damage to your penis if not treated quickly.

“Priapism may get better on its own or within two hours.

“Don’t apply ice packs or cold water to your penis this can make things worse.”

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The Mayo Clinic defines priapism as a “prolonged erection of the penis”.

As the American Urological Association describes, there are two general types of priapism.

Ischemic priapism in which the blood can’t leave the penis and non-ischemic priapism in which blood flow to the penis isn’t regulated well.

The French man’s condition is believed to have been caused by trapped blood in his penis.

It was found to be full of blood clots when it was drained by medics.


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The case of the French man suffering from this condition as a possible side effect of COVID-19 is believed to be the first time.

The patient was in intensive care after spending two weeks on a ventilator, however, it’s been suggested he has made a full recovery.

Medical experts at Centre Hospitalier de Versailles in Le Chesnay wrote about the main article in The American Journal of Emergency Medicine.

Intensive care doctor, Dr Myriam Lamamri, explained how blood clotting caused by COVID-19 has been extensively reported during the current pandemic.

Pulmonologist Dr Wayne Tsuang said: “We’re seeing a higher rate of blood clots in patients hospitalised with COVID-19.

“It’s not clear yet how common clots are in people with mild symptoms who are at home.”

Blood clots are often associated with serious health complications including strokes.

Scientists are trying to understand and learn more about why the clots are occurring in coronavirus patients.

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