DJ Khaled Is Down to 250 Lbs.! ‘It’s Been an Amazing Journey’

DJ Khaled is celebrating reaching his “winner weight”!

The Grateful rapper, 43, is officially at his goal weight of 250 lbs. after just over a year on WW. Through a few ups and downs, he was able to drop 43 lbs. thanks to his new, healthy mindset.

“I’ve been celebrating. My definition of celebrating is life,” Khaled tells PEOPLE. “It’s been an amazing journey and I’m excited.”

Back when he became a WW ambassador in Jan. 2018, Khaled decided he wanted to hit 250 lbs. He lost 34 lbs. through 2018, but decided to recommit to the program at the beginning of 2019.

“When I recommitted I was being honest with myself because I was on the road so much touring that it was difficult for me, with the hours I was up and the different cities I was traveling to and not having access to the foods that I wanted to eat,” he says. “I would eat a bag of chips because it was there. No excuses there. But I’m actually happy about it because it taught me to maneuver now when I go on the road or working.”

Khaled says he’s since “mentally adjusted,” and learned how to make WW’s points system work with his lifestyle.

“During the day I eat foods that are low in points, and then for dinner, if I know I have a dinner meeting I save up my points so I can enjoy everything that I want to eat. And once I started that system, it became a lifestyle for me,” he says. “Some days I eat a cheeseburger, some days I eat chicken stew. Somedays I eat salad, and on New Year’s Day I ate fried chicken. But I’m still within my points system.”

And within the last month, Khaled was able to drop another 9 lbs. to meet his 250-lb. goal.

“I stuck to the point system to a T. And you know how every new year is. The new year is always a motivation to start the year off right,” he explains. “And November and December I got to be home, I wasn’t on the road, I got to be with my family recording my new album, and I enjoyed it with my queen [wife Nicole Tuck] and my son [Asahd, 2] every day, and I was dedicated.”

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Khaled found that even when he would “dip and dive” — his phrase for indulging and then going back to healthier foods — his weight wouldn’t spiral out of control.

“I didn’t gain. I maintained, and it inspired me that I could still enjoy without being discouraged,” he says. “I could go up a pound one day and it would go back down the next day because my body was adjusted to this new lifestyle. The system is working.”

Khaled says he plans to stay on WW and see where it takes him.

“If that means to gain a little more weight, I’m excited and I’m grateful. If that means to maintain my weight, I’m excited and I’m grateful. But the answer is to continue to be great. And I’m never stopping,” he says. “So I want to continue. WW has taught me how to have a lifestyle to be healthy.”

The proud dad also says he’s doing it all for Asahd.

“He’s my motivation. It’s the purest form of love and it’s the purest form of happiness. That’s how I’m living my life, everything is for my son and my queen. My family,” Khaled says. “He’s given me the motivation to not only make myself better — he made me better the moment he arrived. I’m a better person and I make better decisions.”

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