Expert shares ‘worst thing you can do’ during extreme heatwave – ‘can affect anyone’

MET Office: Mercury to hit 27 on Friday as heatwave continues

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Appearing on BBC Breakfast earlier today, Dr Smith was joined by Dr Helen Wall to bring the latest advice and tips to Brits to stay healthy during the extreme weather. With both experts admitting to enjoying the hot weather, they also went on to say that this unprecedented heat wave will also bring with it a risk to life that could affect “absolutely anyone”, even those in relatively good health.

As part of this, Dr Smith gave the stark warning that the “worst thing you can do for your skin, apart from smoking, to age it, is to get too much sunshine.”

He continued to say: “A little bit of sunshine is really good, as it makes vitamin D. You need the sunshine on your skin for about half an hour to do that.

“But too much starts to break down the elastic tissue leaving you wrinkly and leathery. So take it easy.”

Dr Wall then went on to say exactly why this type of weather comes with a warning, particularly in the UK.

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