Fat reduction starts only after 30 minutes? 5 sports myths in Check

Sweating through trained actually less when Training, you must expect jogger inside with a hanging breast, and a quarter of an hour’s Sport is not worth it in the first place, because the fat burning boost? These and other sports myths to the test.

Especially when it comes to sports, is still a whole bunch of myths and fairy tales. The truth about five of those that seem at first glance to be particularly coherent, but it is not in reality at all:

1. Outdoor sports is better than to train in the Studio

Indoors or outdoors, for many Fitness Enthusiasts the question. Because out effect is added as a Health to fill up with fresh air and plenty of oxygen, which is good for we all know that every cell in the body. In contrast, the air in the interior spaces is often less well, and Training in indoor environments less healthy. That’s the theory.

The practice is often different. Especially if in a city, in the vicinity of busy roads is gone, it can be the quality of the air in the Studio (with regular ventilation with clean air from the outside) much better.

Last but not least the climatic conditions affect the outside of the training result. Minus degrees or in the opposite heat burden on the body and brake, the positive sport effects.

2. If you sweat a lot during sports, fast, has a bad condition

The assumption behind this claim is that well-Trained, only under stronger pressure, a higher pulse rate, and also sweating. This is true, but not to the connection with sweat. “The strength of the sweating says nothing about the condition, because it is a very individual property”, say experts of the German society for sports medicine and prevention (DGSP) to this topic.

On the contrary: the better the condition, the quicker the body turns on its “air conditioning” and the sweat starts to leak. Thus, the body temperature remains low, blood pressure and heart rate also – the typical signs of good condition.

3. Joggers the risk of sagging Breasts

The Boobs swinging while Running, in fact, with every step up, down, sideways. Whether it is Jogging, however in fact responsible for this, if the Breasts of the gravity yield, remains in doubt. Because, first and foremost, genetically it is conditional, whether a hanging breast forms or not. Also, it depends on the size and weight of the Breasts. Of course, hardly a woman with D would run-Cup-breast daily jog or Marathon, simply because it is a little uncomfortable.

In any case, however, it is useful to wear when Running and any other sports associated with concussions, a good sports bra. Depending on the model of this article, he can absorb these loads by up to 90 percent. What must not be forgotten also: Athletic women have a firmer chest muscles, which stabilizes the breast and sagging Breasts can counteract.

4. Only after 30 minutes of exercise the fat starts removal

Less than half an hour to train, hardly anything for the slenderness of my many and move the Sport because you have less time.

But you are mistaken, as various studies have now proved. Ten minute Workout with two minutes of Warm-Up and three minutes Cool-Down efficiently. In the investigations, the condition of the subjects of detection has increased and my body fat percentage was less.

Small training units are worth so, even though undisputed after 30 minutes, the fat burning starts particularly well.

5. Muscle soreness is the evidence for effective Training

Especially for men, this is one of the ten sports commandments, according to the Motto “No Pain, no Gain”. However, the opposite is true here, too. The pain from muscle soreness is caused by micro-injuries of overworked muscles.

The muscle pain after Training, this indicates that the muscles need several days rest to recover. So, in any case, the muscle soreness “wegtrainieren”, as it was formerly often advised. The only leads that the regeneration time is extended, but in no case to more muscle strength and stamina.