‘Genetic link’ Christine McGuinness reveals autism link with her three children

Christine McGuinness on hereditary autism in her family

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Christine McGuinness has detailed her diagnosis with autism during an appearance on Loose Women, saying she demonstrated autistic traits as a child that “no one had picked up on.” The 33-year-old revealed she scored highly on the AQ test, which she underwent after speculating that her children’s condition may have been passed down to them genetically. With hindsight, Christine said is able to recall behavioural patterns which were believed were symptomatic of her condition.

“I was diagnosed a few months ago, so I’ve had time to process it, speak to my family and get my head around it,” said Christine.

Christine said evidence of her condition jumped out at her during the writing of her autobiography when she revisited memories from her childhood.

“I was writing things down that were really like my children, and that were very obviously autistic traits and symptoms that no one picked up on,” said Christine. “I suppose back then, no one really did.”

When asked whether she was able to join the dots on behaviours from her past with her diagnosis, Christine explained: “I’ve never been very social, I don’t have a lot of friends.

“I think I come across as quite confident, I can speak to anybody, and I can hold a conversation.”

“I used to worry about going to events with my husband or being in rooms with hundreds of people that I don’t know.

“So I’d kind of always sit with my head down, or make excuses to leave the room and just have a minute.

“I was finding it all quite overwhelming, now I understand it’s because I’m autistic.”

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