Heart study: Jo-Jo-effect deteriorates the health of your heart

Jo-Jo-effect is particularly harmful for the heart

Most of the people have already made at least once in your life, a diet and many of them have also met the unloved, Jo-Jo-effect. Stick to a diet is usually difficult. The more annoying it is, if the lost pounds in the shortest possible time and in the daily course on the scale are read. Researchers have found in a recent study, moreover, that the yo-Yo effect also harms the heart.

After the diet, it is mostly as it was before the diet

To eat according to a diet back to normal, often quite quickly, the so-called yo-Yo effect. This means that the return to the usual diet, the losgewor those Kilos usually faster back than I thought. It still can cause trouble, if the weight rises higher than before the diet. For our circulatory System, these weight fluctuations are a significant burden.

The metabolism adjusts itself on a diet

During a diet, which is, of course, reduced calories, the metabolism. To eat after a successful diet again, as usual, is however, aligned the metabolism to the low level of the reduced-calorie of time. The result is that the body consumes less energy, and therefore faster fat stored.

On the one hand, the whole energy for the diet applied is wasted and on the other side of the Jo-Jo effect-effect is also harmful to heart health, reports the Researchers from the results of their study on the Portal of the American Heart Association. The more often a Jo-Jo-entry effects, the worse the heart.

Requirements for the study

For participation in the study, only women were out of the question, which had lost by a diet of at least five kilograms and within a year increases.

Large Study

It 485 women with an average age of 37 years participated in the study. Almost all of these women had experienced in the past – up to a maximum of 20 times a Jo-Jo effect. Most of these subjects were still overweight. Here it is clear that diets don’t usually move to a permanent weight loss. And the more times a woman has experienced, to the said Jo-Jo effect after a completed diet, the worse it was ordered for your heart health.

Furthermore, it was the younger women who were never pregnant found, at a much earlier stage with the diet madness had begun, and as a result, your heart health even worse was ordered. Conclusion: The sooner you Jo-Jo-effects experienced, the worse it looks for the heart health.

The heart health was evaluated as follows

The health of the heart of the participating women was evaluated on the basis of these seven factors:

  • Women high blood pressure?
  • The women had problems with blood sugar levels?
  • Had the women’s high cholesterol?
  • Were smokers?
  • Had Übergwicht the women?
  • The women were active in sports?
  • How to feed the women?

A weight loss without the Yo-Yo effect is possible

It is, however, also take into account that the majority of Jo-Jo-women in advance due to their permanent Obesity, poor heart health. It is therefore recommended, both for the heart as well as for a permanent healthy body weight, not short-term diets more try.

Change of lifestyle

To complete instead of a diet after the other, one should change his life style and nutrition in a permanent manner in such a way that a content and healthy body weight sets. This would regulate long-term blood pressure, the blood sugar level and the cholesterol levels would also improve. (fm)