Holly Willoughby ‘nearly threw up’ after Dancing On Ice contestant’s ‘horrible’ injury

DOI: Connor falls injuring himself cutting his leg

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The Vamps singer was given 19 stitches off-stage last week after he sliced his leg on his dance partner’s ice skates during their dance to the song Paradise by George Ezra. Despite the ordeal, described as ‘horrible’ by Philip Schofield, Ball and Alexandra were awarded a high score of 34/40 for their routine.

The two of them also came back to Dancing On Ice on Sunday for their comedy dance.

As they were being introduced for their first routine after the fall, presenter Philip Schofield admitted how disgusted they were by the fall.

He said: “He’s been tripped up, stitched up, he’s next up, last week when Holly saw his injury she nearly threw up!”

Willoughby, 41, said: “Oh, it’s horrible. Can’t forget that”, to which Philip replied: “That was gruesome.”

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Connor recounted the whole ordeal, describing it as a “blur”.

“I don’t really remember any of the judges’ comments because the whole thing was a blur.

“I went off to go see the medics and I lay there in my boxers with a pirate’s wig on getting stitched up.

“I think in total I’ve had 19 stitches, which I think is a Dancing on Ice record. I definitely think I’m someone that will just keep going no matter what the circumstances.”

In the end, they topped last week’s 34/50 by one point.

Talking about Sunday’s performance, DOI judge Christopher Dean said: “Comedy on the ice is one of the hardest things to pull off and I think you really achieved that tonight.”

Last week, the pair suffered a quick but nasty fall.

Ball struggled on with his performance, but as the pair awaited their judges’ scores they admitted Ball was “bleeding” underneath his trousers.

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Schofield asked him: “We’re gutted for you. Are you OK?”

Ball replied: “I don’t want to look at what’s going on under here.”

His partner Alexandra added: “It’s bleeding,” and Connor said: “The blade went into my leg.”

When do cuts need stitches?

Stitches are typically needed on cuts if the bleeding does not stop after 10 minutes of applying pressure.

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They are also needed if the cut is long or deep, or if something is embedded within the cut, or if it was the result of a bite that may cause an infection.

If the cut is to the mouth, face, hand or genitals, this may also warrant stitches.

You should visit A&E as soon as you can if this happens to you.

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