In the drugs, the 20-year-old Kaylee from crack the eyes

Kaylee Muthart was a straight a student and wanted to be a marine biologist. Then she began to take drugs and her life slipping away from her. With 20 years, you from crack in the drug intoxication the eyes and is now blind. She says: “I am now happier than before the incident. I’d rather be blind than drug-dependent.”

With 18 potion Kaylee and alcohol and smoked marijuana regularly. But she had the drugs in the handle, she said. Until last summer: Kaylee smoked pot with a friend and was thus as high as never before. "I felt incredibly close to Gott", she describes the feeling on the side of the "Cosmopolitan", where is the student from South Carolina has written her dramatic story.

She believes that the marijuana that evening must have been mixed with cocaine or Crystal Meth. Two of the drugs that you wanted to take actually never.

Her friend parted, she was lonely

Months later, her friend separated from her, she felt lonely and alone. "I remembered how I had felt when I had smoked the stretched Grass, and wanted to haben&quot this feeling again;, she writes. You got Crystal Meth and smoked it. She hallucinated, was awake for hours and scratched the face, because she believed that her face was full of pimples.

As the rush was over, she was shocked. Meth no longer wanted to take them, but instead, she tried Ecstasy. You threw the pills on a regular basis and then studied the Bible and landed quickly back on to Crystal Meth. Because she was sure that Meth would bring you closer to God. Their consumption was more violent, and she used to, almost dependent, only the contacts to the drug.

You agreed to a withdrawal

Her mother, the crash of their daughter will not remain hidden. However, she feels helpless, you can’t force your daughter to therapy. She speaks with her daughter, and the reasonable and agreed to a withdrawal.

But a day after the conversation with the mother, she worried again Meth and take a higher dose than ever before. For hours she had hallucinations and then misfortune took its course: Screenshot of Instagram four years Ago, was Kaylee.

"I stood in front of a Church and had the thought that I could save the world only if I have a great sacrifice bringe", she writes. She decided in a fit of madness, to sacrifice the light in their eyes, and mutilated themselves

You tore the eyes

"I pressed my thumb, Index and middle finger grip in the eyes, my eyeballs and pulled them. It brought me immense, it was the Hardest thing I have ever done. I couldn’t see anything, so I don’t know whether there was blood. I’m sure the drugs have numbed the pain. I’m pretty sure I would have resorted to the brain, if the Pastor had not heard me scream. 'I want the light sehen' I had shouted. The Pastor held me back. He later said, when he found me, I would have had my eyeballs in the Hand and crushed it – somehow, she had been but connected with my head."

She was taken to a hospital and immediately underwent surgery, but her eyesight was not saved. Kaylee is now blind, but since the terrible incident she touched no more drugs, she says.

"I’d rather be blind than drogenabhängig"

"It took this incident to me on the right path and I’m happy that I’m here. I’d rather be blind than drogenabhängig", she writes.

On a online portal, you will be collecting the donations, so you can buy a guide dog for the blind. After this terrible time, you want to work now back at your dream job: she wants to be a marine biologist.