Itching: Cool and a little scratch

Chronic pruritus affects many patients. "Scratching only helps in the short term, with itching, but makes it even worse. Therefore, I advise patients to cool in case of itchiness of the skin and apply Cream to pflegen", Priv said.-Doz. Dr. Dr. Andreas Kremer, the pharmacon, an international Congress, the Federal chamber of pharmacists. The Internist is the head of the internal medicine emergency room at University hospital.

The treatment of chronic pruritus is based on three pillars. First, patients should use General measures: for example, in a cool environment to sleep and after showering or bathing shower with cold water. Loose-fitting clothing made of cotton is usually tolerated better than wool. It is also helpful to cut the fingernails, the skin will hurt when you Scratch less. Kremer: "Please scratch or similar tools back banish, because you can hurt the skin."

The second pillar is the local therapy: The itchy is maintained skin daily with a hydrating and moisturizing creams. "Dry skin itself is not a cause of the itching, can worsen, however. Therefore, my advice is to creams!" Kremer said. Locally applied drugs, such as chloral hydrate, Polidocanol or Capsaicin can help. Cortisone is only short term, but not for the duration of application is recommended. If the General measures, or local therapy is not sufficient, we recommend Kremer as the third pillar of a systemic therapy, which is based on the basic disease.

Causes of itching can disorders skin diseases or systemic, such as, for example, kidney, nerve or liver damage, be. "The exact description of the itching makes it easier for the doctor, the Diagnose", Kremer said. So the itching that occurs mainly in the summer, is caused more by eczema. The symptoms, however, especially in the Winter, is more of a skin irritation as the cause in question. Regardless of the Season, eczema itching.


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