Journalists Cover Issues From Pollution to Vaccines and the Spread of Covid in Hospitals

KHN freelancer Jim Robbins discussed unhealthy ozone levels in the West on KUNC’s “Colorado Edition” on Tuesday.

  • Click here to hear Robbins on “Colorado Edition”
  • Read Robbins’ “Western Boom Cities See Spike in Harmful Ozone“

Christina Jewett, a senior correspondent with KHN’s enterprise team, detailed her findings on the spread of covid-19 in hospitals on KGO’s “The Chip Franklin Show” on Nov. 4, and on KCBS on Nov. 5.

  • Click here to hear Jewett on “The Chip Franklin Show”
  • Click here to hear Jewett on KCBS
  • Read Jewett’s “Patients Went Into the Hospital for Care. After Testing Positive There for Covid, Some Never Came Out.“

KHN senior correspondent and enterprise reporter Liz Szabo discussed whether giving 5- to 11-year-olds covid vaccines at pediatricians’ offices would help clear up vaccine myths on Sirius XM’s “Doctor Radio Reports” on Oct. 26.

  • Click here to hear Szabo on “Doctor Radio Reports”

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