Kareena Kapoor Khan shares a picture of son Taimur’s ‘full plate’: Here’s what it contains

"Children need proper nutrition to stay healthy and strong. If they start eating healthy now, they will follow that habit throughout their life," said an expert

Kareena Kapoor Khan is not just a wonderful actor, but also a doting mother-of-two. She surely believes in ensuring her children’s health and nutrition. Recently, she took to Instagram to share her elder son Taimur’s breakfast plate, which appeared to be full of nutrition and colour.

She shared a picture of the plate filled with diced banana, papaya and apple as her Instagram story.

“My Tim’s plate is always full,” she wrote. It’s not the first time that the Good Newwz actor gave a sneak-peek of Taimur’s healthy and nutritious diet. Earlier, she had shared a photo of her four-year-old’s plate filled with green vegetables.

We talked to fitness trainer and nutritionist Maya Pereira Sawant to know more about nutrition in children.

“Children need proper nutrition to stay healthy and strong. If they start eating healthy in childhood, they will follow that habit throughout their life,” she said.

Underling the problems associated with children’s nutrition, she said, “Children are particularly vulnerable to the temptations offered by our media-minded culture, such as food advertisements and sedentary video games. And, neither the media nor the educational system has strong well-financed programs that encourage healthy alternatives such as exercise and healthy foods — you’ve got to protect and teach them yourself.”

She advised parents to ensure that “their child’s plate has a variety of ingredients, is more colourful and has some sort of protein food, be it in the form of plant-based or animal proteins”. “If the child dislikes vegetables get creative with recipes. Parents must include healthy fats like flaxseeds, avocado, nuts, seeds, olive oil, coconut oil, rice bran oil, fish oil rich in omega 3 in their kid’s diets. Children should eat less from packaged food and more from the kitchen,” she added.

Sawant believes the “food you place in your kitchen is important”. “If the cupboards are full of high-sugar/fat snacks, soft drinks and other fast foods, your children will eat them. If you fill your kitchen with a variety of fresh, unrefined foods — foods that are low in added sugar and fat — your children will eat them and become used to them.”

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