Large earring-recall: These earrings are a health risk

Elevated Nickel values in different earrings discovered

Important safety note for earring-wearers. A whole range of earrings is currently called back. In the earrings of Nickel values above the permitted limits were detected. This may cause skin contact allergic reactions, which can range from itching, redness, rash to blistering.

The company “Action Service & Distributie B. V. / Top Fashion Trading B. V.“ informs its customers about a current recall of different earrings. The affected items were sold under the name “earrings, 12 Pairs” in Germany in all the Action branches.

What earrings are affected?

Affected are all the items that were sold under the name of “earrings, 12 Pairs”. The products were in the period between the 26. March 2018 and the 13. May 2019 sold and could be for over a year, purchased. Seen the earrings are also on the item number 2567506, as well as the EAN 8719189209280.

Limit values for Nickel exceeded

“Due to a production error in some earrings higher amounts of Nickel have been identified as legally permitted,” writes the company in a customer’s information to the callback. Nickel could subject some people to itchy skin rashes, redness and in severe cases, blistering.

The costs will be reimbursed in any Action Bo

“If you have bought this item in the above-mentioned period, please avoid any further use and you find him, bring him immediately back in the store,” warns the company. The amount paid will be refunded without the presentation of receipts.

Nickel is the most common contact Allergy in the world

As the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF) reported, Nickel is the most common contact allergen in the world. About 12 percent of all young people and over 15 percent of all adults in Germany are sensitive to Nickel. According to ECARF, women have a higher risk of developing Nickel Allergy than men. This would be related to the fact that Nickel promotes in the fashion jewelry awareness.

What complaints will cause a Nickel Allergy?

According to the ECARF, the allergic complaints are usually limited to the area of skin that came with Nickel in contact. Typical signs of a Nickel Allergy are severe itching, burning, pain, redness, swelling, formation of papules and weeping blisters were. In case of repeated contact it could come to a Verschuppung and thickening of the skin. (vb)

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