Mental illnesses care for the majority of days of absence

In the year 2019 employee illness absent due to a little less in the Job than in the previous year. The current shows a preliminary evaluation of the health reports 2020, the techniker Krankenkasse (TK). The reason for this less pronounced cold wave in the past year. Responsible for the most absenteeism from mental illness such as depression.

In the past year, workers were, on average, 15,37 days sick, 2018 there were 15,49 days. The main reason for this slight decline, the cold wave, which was compared to the previous year, slightly lower, according to TK.

Most of the ill reports, there were 2019 due to mental disorders. With an average of 2.89 for incapacity to work days per head, you have even once compared to prior years (to 2018: 2,77 days). "Mental disorders account for approximately 19 percent of absenteeism, which is the highest value compared to other diagnosis before the back pain and Erkältungskrankheiten", Albrecht Wehner says, the TK responsible for health reporting.

More missing days in East Germany

Striking are the regional differences remain. With 12.6 days of absence, Baden-Württemberg is the state with the lowest absenteeism, followed by Bavaria (13,3). The highest absenteeism recorded for Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (19,8), Saxony-Anhalt (19,5) and Brandenburg days, with an average of 19.3 to Fail.


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