New study finds walking may add 15 years to your life – Dr Ellie’s top tips for walking

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Walking is a peaceful pastime but it also unlocks numerous health benefits. A new study adds to a growing body of evidence linking walking to a longer life expectancy. The key takeaway from the study, published in Communication Biology, is that regular walking may add up to 15 years to your life expectancy.

Getting the steps in provides “so many health benefits”, said Doctor Ellie on This Morning.

Studies have shown walking is good for age-related memory loss, she said.

It’s also great for post-menopausal women and keeping your bones and muscles strong, the doc said.

How many steps must you do to see results?

Doctor Ellie was wary about specifying the number of steps because doing so seems “quite arbitrary”.

However, passing 6,000 steps seems to be a “good benchmark”, she said.

The optimal way to walk

Walking is great regardless of how you do it but there are some optimal approaches.

Walking carrying something is of particular benefit because it “adds weight”, said Doctor Ellie.

Walking uphill and walking faster – speeding up with a few minutes – can also enhance the benefits.

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