No Time to Work Out? You Have It Now!

When it comes to exercising, we all have the best intentions, but we don’t always have enough time to follow through. Fortunately, celebrity fitness trainer Juliet Kaska has designed a full-body 21-minute workout that can train your body, mind and soul in half the time it takes to do many other popular workout programs.

When Kaska — whose famous clientele includes Kerry Washington, Karlie Kloss, Ali Larter and Pink — was asked to create the Move for You Method for Vionic, she says, the timing was perfect. “I was personally struggling with finding the same amount of time for my workouts and meditations that I once used to take,” Kaska tells SheKnows.

She was also seeing that her friends and peers were having the same or similar issues. Kaska says it was as if the time we had for self-care in our 30s had now evaporated as we moved into our 40s. “Careers were bigger, family commitments larger, and the 24-hour day was no longer enough to get it all done,” she explains.

And that is how she came up with the Move for You Method. Kaska says her goal with this program is to provide a workout that eliminates excuses, is accessible for most people and has the potential to produce results in a minimal amount of time.

The 3 C’s of the Move for You Method

The Move for You Method has three segments: cardio, core and calm. Kaska says these three parts, when done at least five days a week, give people exactly what they need to look and feel healthier.

But what if you don’t have 21 minutes every day? Not to worry! You can choose one, two or all three of the segments to do in one workout. Each segment is seven minutes long, so if you only have 10-minutes in the morning, choose one of the segments. If you have time later in the day, you can finish up the rest of the workout or hit it again the next day. And the best part? No equipment is required.


The first C is cardio, and Kaska says it’s a full-body workout. “You will be toning your muscles while getting your heart pumping,” she explains.

The cardio workout consists of seven minutes of high-intensity interval training that targets the lower body. You will alternate between 20 seconds of cardio, followed by 15 seconds of rest. She prefers to start her day with this segment. But she also believes there is no reason you couldn’t do the cardio segment at lunch or in the evening. The most important thing is to make it work for you and your life.


The second C is core, and it is the foundation of the entire program. “A strong core supports good posture and is the key to the entire body functioning properly during any movement you make,” she explains.

Like the cardio segment, core is a seven-minute workout that targets your core, abs, back and inner thighs. You will perform these moves on the floor, so you might want to grab a mat.


The third and final C is calm. Kaska says this is the dessert of the program because it feels so good in the body and mind. During this seven-minute workout, you will combine breath with stretches similar to yoga.

“Breathing is the most vital action we do in a day, and yet, we tend not to stop and even take notice of it,” she says. But when we become aware of our breath, Kaska notes, we can immediately calm our nervous system down. The calm segment ends with a short meditation.

Starting a new fitness plan

If you already participate in an exercise program, you might be wondering how to incorporate the Move for You Method into your overall fitness plan. Kaska says the best part about her program is you can fit the workouts into your life and routine any way you like.

For example, Kaska notes that if you already have a routine of going to a fitness class three days a week, you could add in Move for You on two to three alternative days from your other class.

Plus, having this program in your back pocket means you will never miss another workout. And that’s great news for those mornings when staying in bed sounds a whole lot better than leaving the house.

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