Norovirus on Board broke out: a cruise ship has to cancel the trip as a precaution

Was booked for a relaxed cruise, the guests have to trip a horror. The former largest cruise ship in the world has had to cancel his trip a day premature, because of the 277 passengers on the Norovirus sufferers.

The &quot reported;Sky News". A spokesman of "Royal Caribbean", which operates the ship, told the station: "We believe that the right decision is to bring all home early, instead of guests having to Worry about your health."

With respect to the transmitter of the passengers spoke of the "complete Chaos". The ship, under the name "Oasis Of The Seas" the seas travelled, had just created in Falmouth in Jamaica – the passengers were not allowed to leave the ship.

"This is NOT the Trip, we haben&quot booked;

A passenger wrote: "Today is my birthday and we were so happy to enjoy Jamaica. Now we’re stuck, of course, all on the ship, because some of us have the Norovirus." Another passenger wrote: "This is NOT the Trip that we have booked."

"Royal Caribbean" has announced that it will refund all passengers the full price. The ship can hold up to 6000 passengers.