Parents are very satisfied with the local pharmacy

No matter whether in the city or in the countryside, parents in the best scores assigned to the pharmacy on site. 49 per cent giving your pharmacy the school-based ‚very gut‘, a further 42 per cent, a ‚gut‘. In addition to these results, a Forsa poll of 1,000 parents, commissioned by the ABDA – Federal Union of German associations of Pharmacists e. V. on the occasion of the ‚Tags Apotheke‘ on 7. June, 2019.

On average, the pharmacies that achieve the school grade of 1.6. "We are excited about this Anerkennung", ABDA-Vice-President Mathias Arnold says.

The nationwide “day of the pharmacy” is this year under the Motto "Proper medication for Kinder". 60 percent of the parents reported having their child in the last four weeks, drugs are given. Arnold: "Children are not small adults. Therefore, parents should use the correct and age-appropriate medication in the selection of the drug substance and the dosage form of the expert advice of the pharmacist."

Children do not often need recipe drugs, since there is always a suitable industrially-manufactured medicines. For 31 percent of the children was made in a pharmacy recipe drugs. According to an analysis by the German drug testing Institute e. V. (DAPI) were in 2018 and made for children up to 12 years, nearly a Million recipe of medicinal products to the detriment of the Shi. Thus, about one in every six of the formulation is designed to medicine for a child.

Parents use pharmacies in addition, even more frequently than Doctors: at Least once in a year, 78 percent of parents had visited a pharmacy, in children up to 3 years even up to 90 percent. For comparison: at Least one visit to the doctor designated 72 percent of parents; in children up to 3 years, it was 85 percent.

One of the most well-known public obligations of the pharmacy, the emergency services, is used by parents are also common. 39 percent of parents whose child is older than 2 years, have used in the last 12 months of this emergency supply. Arnold: "If the child is acutely ill, parents need expert help quickly. The emergency services the pharmacies provide nationwide round-the-clock, even on Sundays and holidays."

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