Politicians from Hawaii wants to increase the minimum shrub age to 100 years

The Deputy Richard Creagan wants to prevail in Hawaii in the medium term, a cigarette-ban – with an absurd-looking law. Accordingly, the minimum shrub age in the year 2020 should be increased to 30, 2022 50 and 2024 to 100 years. The reasoning of the learned doctors chose drastic words.

If the legislature would ban cigarettes that kill people, the Democrat from the house of representatives of the U.S. state of.

Creagan believes that the tobacco could be consumed by taxes, or regulations to prevent and wants to ban cigarettes completely from the shelves, as the “Tribune-Herald” from Hawaii reported. Due to the current tobacco laws such as the minimum age for Smoking to 21 years would slow down the Problem, could, however, be enclosed completely.

Members want to increase the minimum shrub age to 100 years

“Essentially, we have a highly addicted group, the wird&quot enslaved by a ridiculous vicious industry;, so Creagan to the “Tribune-Herald”. You’ve made people development a highly addictive cigarette is dependent on, in the Knowledge that an increased homicide risk. Therefore, he can see the legislature have a duty to liberate the people from the “terrible slavery”, because this would otherwise have human lives on their Conscience.

Reach the members of Parliament, sitting for the Democrats in the house of representatives of Hawaii wants to design, his goal with a new law. According to this the minimum age in the year 2020 should be increased to 30, 2022 50 2023 60 2024 to 100.

The bill was formulated in such a way that it was not legally passed. In addition to electronic Smoking devices and cigars, the law should also apply to chewing tobacco. The template should have two more supporters, and this week in the Committee on health listened to, as the "Tribune Herald" writes.

Creagan has no Problem with the legalization of marijuana

Each year, nearly 500,000 people die in the United States, according to the health authority of CDCP to the consequences of cigarette Smoking. It is across the country, the main cases cause of preventable disease and death.

The learned doctor Creagan told the “Tribune Herald”, during his work smoked as a physician, even cigarettes, as you helped him to stay in long layers of wax. But now he considers them to be more deadly and more dangerous than any prescription drug. With the legalization of marijuana, the Deputy, by the way, no Problem: The drugs do neither addictive, nor was there a health hazard, he told the newspaper.