Rest of Day: these are signs of a break from training is useful

Intensive units of movement and Sport are part of a healthy and vital life. But more is not always better.

To train hard every day, is not a very good idea. So the workouts are not only a disagreeable duty, the body has not enough time to regenerate.

Rest Days can motivate

A reasonable, well-deserved break motivated, however, immensely to the next Session. At the same time, so also reduces the risk for injury, as well as for the odious performance Plateau.

How many Rest Days are useful, is different from Person to Person and depends on several factors: How old and active the Person is, or how long and intensively trained is?

Depending on should be between two intensive training sessions at least two days of rest before the same body region is again required with full commitment.

However, regardless of the completed Workout units, there are times and phases in which prefer to Sport should be done away with.

1. Stressful Days

If the Balance between Meetings and family commitments is already stressful enough, it can wait, the Workout also changes.

Although Sport can function as an excellent outlet for Stress, it is not always. In this Situation, it means: listen To your body.

During exercise the heart rate increases properly in the amount. This prompts the body and additionally leads to that the total load increases.

In some people this can increase the stress level in fact. Especially if going to the Gym is just another troublesome item on the To-Do list, you want to tick off.

Who can get during a workout, but the head should, of course, necessarily go to the Sport. Especially as the movement stimulates the production of endorphins and a good Dose of hormones of happiness can’t hurt.

On particularly stressful days can be thought about the training session to change in Workouts, the body and the mind calm, like Yoga or long walks.

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2. Too little sleep

Restful sleep is essential when it comes to the physical health. However, many people prioritize their night’s rest.

After busy days with little sleep, therefore, it is probably the Best of the gym behind.

Without adequate sleep, the Training would be anyway less effective and the risk of injury increases. Better from Rest and the next day with a new energy to the Gym.

“Insufficient sleep suppresses the production of the hormone Leptin, which is Appetite suppression is responsible suppressed, and increases the production of Ghrelin, which promotes hunger,” explains the psychologist in the field of sleep medicine, Lisa Cottrell, compared to ‘nbcews’.

Too little sleep can also influence the cardiovascular System as well as metabolism and inflammation promote it. Going to bed early will do well, therefore, both the health and the figure.

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3. Who is sick, stays home

If it is limp and feeble, is the gym really the best place to cure. Many go with a slight cough, still pumps, but it is enough.

Anyone who has a fever, you should stay in bed and not sports. The effort is a burden on the body only in addition and the dehydration makes the immune system is not just simple.

In the case of a running or clogged nose, or in the case of neck pain can be considered a sports unit.

“One possibility would be to reduce the intensity of the Exercise. Instead of training an hour, so only half an hour,“ advises Dr. Gustavo Ferrer.

He recommends to avoid in the first days of a viral infection such as the flu or the common cold to the gym. Firstly, for health reasons, but also due to the increased risk of Infection.

4. The last Training was really hard

If a workout was particularly strenuous and the joints and muscles pain the next day, there is definitely a break from training.

The dull pain in the muscles occur, especially when a new training unit was, in particular, completed when strength training.

The pain simply shows that the body repairs the exercise damaged muscle fibers, to be able to continue to grow and operate. A break is absolutely necessary, so that the body can repair the damage.

To torment still the Training to take place the body sufficient rest, not only disturbs the muscle-building, but increases drastically the risk of injury.

5. An intense workout was done

According to one exception, the sports unit, such as a Marathon, for a long time, has been trained, it is time to take a break and celebrate.

In order to determine the optimal recovery time should always be taken into account, how much of the body was affected: The more Stress it was exposed to the body, the longer the subsequent recovery should be in phase.

“After a long and intensive physical activity in the metabolic system of the body can be pushed to its limits. Therefore, it is recommended that at least three to seven days of complete rest, hydrate and sleep,” advises the physiotherapist Gregory Marcolin.

An active phase of recovery can help the body as it increases the required for Regeneration of blood circulation. Walking, Swimming or gentle Yoga are now just Right.

Cornelia Bertram

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