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Building muscle with light Weights is possible?

Is it possible to build up strong muscles when Training exclusively light Weights be used? Often leads applies when Training with Weights more and more, the results of a study show, however, that can also lead to properly executed a little bit of Training a great success.

Can you build muscle with light Weights? This question tried to answer Researchers from the University of Campinas in Brazil at the time of their study. The results were published in the English scientific journal “PLOS One”.

Building muscle is with heavy Weights possible?


In gyms, the people in General have the largest muscles, which use the largest Weights for your workout. This raises the question: Is the use of heavy Weights the best, or even the only way to build muscle mass?

How is muscle growth?

In order to trigger muscle growth, you will only need a so-called adaptive to the stimulus of exercise. This refers to a sufficient strain to grow which forces the muscles to become bigger and stronger. The does not mean, however, that during the Training, Weights have to be used, which are so heavy that they are hard to cope with.

Also light Weights allow the muscles to grow


If people want to build muscles, you should try to train your muscles to muscle failure. This can be achieved with fewer repetitions with heavy Weights, as many reps with light Weights, report the researchers.

What is the influence of the Heavy Weights on the muscle building?

For the study, the Participants were asked sets of seven to nine reps with heavy Weights, or to make 21 to 36 reps with a light weight. Both groups achieved according to a statement by the research group during your workout a similar muscle growth.

The growth of muscles with light Weights to trigger?

Research results in the area of Sport and exercise, suggest that the depletion of muscle with a light set of Weights triggers with 300 repetitions, the stress response of the muscles is sufficient to initiate the growth. For example, this is for people that exercise at home and there is only very light Weights.

What are the criteria for effective Training for muscle building?

You should try every couple of week, your workout is a little switch. Such variations may relate, for example, the repetitions per set or the amount of weight used. You make for example two weeks long-12 to 15 reps per set with a lighter weight and then switch after a month on four to six reps with a heavy weight.

You vary carried out Exercises

It is also possible to put a different stimulus for the muscles by replacing an Exercise by an activity, which addresses the same muscle group. For example, you can bench press by your push-UPS with band resistance replace, in the case of the simple normal push-UPS to be made by commercial fitness bands are more difficult. (as)

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