Swimming Lessons Are The Best Workout For Me: John Legend

All of Me singer John Legend has picked up a new hobby and he is super excited about it. The 40-year-old recently decided to take swimming lessons so that he didn’t have to feel confined or uncomfortable at the beaches or in the pools because of not knowing it. The father of two adorable kids Miles and Luna, admitted that it’s fun to learn it, especially when it enables him to enjoy with his family.

The doting daddy said that her two years old daughter was the one who inspired him to go for it as she has just started to take the lessons. It seems like the whole family has found their new love in swimming as even John’s son who is merely 10 months old is learning to float and shares the same teacher with his father.

One thing that John likes the most about his newly developed interest is that it has become a way to work out which is something that is always a priority for him. John shared that he makes sure to exercise regularly, be it weight lifting, cycling, swimming or running – he lays emphasis on staying active as much as he can. When asked about what keeps him motivated to be regular, John said that he is following his doctor’s advice who alarmed him about the risk of cardiac issues that may arise because of the family history. As John describes – “it was an eye-opener”.

Apart from sticking to a workout routine, the award-winning artist also follows a healthy diet which includes a lot of vegetables for every meal, even for breakfast. Given the history of cholesterol related issues in the family, the only wise thing to do was being attentive about his health. As they say, it’s always a great idea to start early than to repent later!

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