The body can heat up in just a few minutes to 41 degrees

Some regions of Germany is probably the hottest June day since the beginning of weather records.

How dangerous the heat is?

At high temperatures the blood vessels dilate and the body loses through sweating a lot of water. As a result, the blood can sagging pressure, Concerned, then dizzy. Particularly small children and the elderly are at risk, because your body has problems to regulate the temperature. In Berlin, 490 people died in the past summer on the effects of the heat, estimates of the Robert Koch Institute.

What to do

  • Sunburn heals in harmless cases, of alone. Form, however, sores or pain, and fever, is this a case for the doctor. Have children who are younger than one year old, sunburn should go to parents in any case to the doctor. Generally speaking, children under three years of age should never be exposed to direct sunlight. For the relief of sunburn Doctors wet compresses, fragrance-free Gels and lotions, or running water recommend. Ice or Cooling Packs from the freezer to strain the skin in addition. Home remedies like cottage cheese or yogurt can also cool the damaged skin but in addition irritate or even cause inflammation.
  • Heat exhaustion occurs mainly when the high temperatures for days to stop the body through sweating, too much water and nutrients it loses. The symptoms resemble the flu: fever, weakness, and dizziness and Nausea, muscle cramps and confusion. The skin of the Affected is pale grey.

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To bounce back to come, you need to to be Concerned, especially drinking mineral water or isotonic drinks, for example. Also Apple juice is suitable, preferably in a ratio of two parts water and one share of Apple juice. However, Apple juice contains a lot of sugar and should only be consumed in moderation. Alcohol is not recommended in the heat.

Helpful to have plenty of rest otherwise it is in lightweight and comfortable clothing, even a shower can help. If the symptoms persist longer than an hour or worsen, you should call a doctor.

Sunstroke: Exudes the sun for too long on an uncovered head, the brain tissue to swell, or the meninges are liable to ignite. The result is that The head aches and gets very hot, the neck is stiff, with the addition of Nausea and vomiting. The best antidote in such cases is, in cool and shady area to lie down and cover your head and neck with damp, cool towels. In the case of fever over 39 degrees, seizures, or confusion a doctor should be called.

A heat stroke is life-threatening and, therefore, always a case for the ambulance. It occurs when the body absorbs because of the high temperatures more heat than he can give. The body temperature rises abruptly, sometimes in only 15 minutes on up to 41 degrees. The skin is hot, red and very dry. Affected are restless, drowsy or confused, add to that a strong feeling of thirst. Until the ambulance comes, you should cool the Affected, tight clothes, loosen them to drink. For laymen, sunstroke, heat exhaustion and Heat stroke are often hard to tell. In case of doubt, therefore, prefer to quickly dial 112.

At noon, it is most hot, is it?

The sun is around noon while the highest and the strongest radiation. The air temperature reaches its Maximum with a delay of some hours, when the surface of the earth is so heated, that the roads or roofs give off additional heat. In addition, the peak of the sun is not reached in Germany on the stroke of 12 noon, but only after 13 hours. The highest temperature is measured, therefore, it is often only later in the afternoon between 16 and 18 o’clock.

What is a Sport?

High temperatures are in the Sport is not the main problem, but the sunlight. Sports physicians recommend light clothing, sun cream and a hat. Also Drink is very important. If it is, should athletes lay your workout in the early Morning or late evening hours.

Better light or dark clothes?

White clothing reflects sunlight, black absorbs it. More important than the color, the cut of the clothes, however. Bedouins wear their robes, for example, loose around the body, which carry away the heat, and the skin cools. Under tight clothing, the heat accumulates to the contrary.

The Shower Dilemma

In the case of heat, many yearn for an ice-cold cooling. Nevertheless, Doctors recommend showers lukewarm. By the cold water, the body temperature goes down for the first time, the brain gets a cold signal. The blood vessels constrict to prevent heat loss. After the shower, needs to adjust to the body then back to the hot outside temperature, the blood vessels respond with increased sweat production.

Warm tea can refresh you in the heat more than an ice-cold lemonade

As in the case of cold showers is stimulated with cold drinks, the metabolism, the body reacts to the cold pulse, with heat production. At the end of more sweat flows even, the body loses the much-needed liquid, one has more thirst – a dangerous cycle. Heat professionals prefer warm but not hot drinks.

What fans bring?

Fans bring the air in your environment in motion. Who is in this draft, you can feel cooling when sweat evaporates on the skin. The room temperature will not fall through the artificially generated Wind but.

When is the best time to Ventilate?

“You should always open the window when it is cooler outside than inside,” advises Hartwig Künzel of the Fraunhofer Institute for building physics in Holzkirchen. On summer days with high heat in many buildings is only at night and early in the Morning of the event. Conversely, this means: Heating an apartment – for example, in an attic – so strong that it is warmer inside than outside, an open window for balance.

From the idea to heat wet towels in living rooms to hang up, discourages Physicists Künzel. A cooling sets as a result. The moisture could encourage mold.