This is the right time for proteins to weight loss or muscle building

What is the influence of the timing of ingestion of Protein on their effectiveness?

All people need Protein as part of a balanced diet. The reasons for a targeted intake of Protein vary from people to person. Some people take Protein for example, so as to quickly and effectively build muscle, other people take Protein in order to lose weight. For such people the question arises, is there an optimal time of day to Protein.

It is an optimal time to have Protein? A recent study tried to clarify this question. Various studies have dealt with the issue of whether there is an optimum time to intake of Protein to build muscles, or to the decrease of weight.

Can help Protein people with weight loss and an increased build-up of muscles cause and there is an optimum time to intake of Protein to achieve these goals? (Image: ExQuisine/

Should we take Protein to a specific time of the day to us?

There is a General time to take the human Protein to should to fast Lose weight or build muscle? And is a time for all people or are there differences from person to person? Many people take a sufficient amount of Protein with your normal diet. If people are trying to build muscle mass, you can also take Protein in the Form of supplements, so after the workout, build muscle tissue. There is also evidence that the intake of Protein can help people lose weight. Protein causes this part, apparently by increasing the saturation.

To take for weight loss Protein before meals?

Currently, however, there is little evidence of when the best time could be to take Protein for weight loss. For example, the results of a study pointed to in the English-language scientific journal Advances in Nutrition, for example, that the consumption of Snacks that contain Protein, can reduce the number of calories to take people at their next meal. This would suggest that Protein should be taken for weight loss before meals. This study indicates, however, that studies showing this, in part, contradictory results. This suggests that further studies on this topic are required to confirm the observed results. In contrast, a study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggests that a generally higher protein may improve feed body weight management. A higher intake of Protein was defined in this study as 1.2 to 1.6 grams of Protein per kilogram of body weight per day.

Protein and muscle building

In various studies, it was examined whether there is a connection between the time in which a Person is Protein absorbed and hypertrophy. In other words: it Has a influence on how much muscle a person after the workout is built to be taken when a Person Protein? Two studies in the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism and the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition suggested that there is no connection between the muscle and the time of protein consumption. Further research is required to determine whether there is a connection between the timing of protein intake and muscle volume, which builds a Person. The intake of Protein but it has other positive effects. A small study in the Journal of Physiology showed already some time ago that so-called skeleton grew muscles in older adult men, when these shortly after the Training a protein Supplement revenue.These muscles are, for example, especially for the active body movements.

Benefits due to the intake of Protein directly after the Sport

A recently published Meta-analysis in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition suggests that, although there are some contradictory evidence about the best time for the consumption of Protein after Training, an intake of Protein directly after the workout, increases the likelihood that the persons Concerned about the rest of the day with sufficient Protein to build your muscles. The researchers conclude that there are no known disadvantages of protein consumption before or after exercise. Protein supplements can help people to take enough of the important nutrients so that the body can recover, and there are no health problems.

Consumption of adequate Protein is more important than the time

The main message of these studies seems to be that the build-up of muscles the consumption of adequate Protein is more important than the time taken for the Protein. What is important is that many of these studies assume that the Person who consumed the Protein is an Athlete who performs many hours of intensive exercise or sports per week. For the average person, it is important that he takes a well-balanced diet with more Protein than usual when he focuses on muscle building. (as)