Type 2 diabetes: The diet proven to lower blood sugar and put diabetes into remission

Type 2 diabetes is linked to being overweight, in that people who carry excess weight are both more likely to develop the condition and suffer from the associated complications. Complications associated with untreated diabetes include problems with the heart, nerves, kidneys, eyes and feet. Losing excess weight can therefore help to keep the condition under control and in some cases certain diets can help to put it into remission and remove the need for medication. Two women with type 2 diabetes, Claire McKenzie and Vicki Turner, told Express.co.uk how they are no longer in the diabetic range after following a diet by WW – formerly known as Weight Watchers.

In 2017, I was told at one of my diabetes checks that my blood pressure and cholesterol levels were normal [and] I was no longer diabetic

Vicki Turner

At her maximum weight, Claire reached a peak of 23 stone, following which she discovered she had type 2 diabetes during a routine test.

After receiving her diagnosis, Claire joined WW in a bid to lose weight and adopt a healthier eating regime.

Six months after starting the WW programme, Claire was no longer considered to be in the diabetic range. Over a year after starting WW, she has lost five stone so far and intends to lose more.

“At first I felt crushed by the [diabetes] diagnosis and was so worried about how it would impact my life,” said Claire.

“I immediately joined WW and have been going ever since. Within six months of joining I’d completely reversed my diabetes, my blood pressure had come down to normal, and my cholesterol was no longer high.

“I do take some medication but the diabetic nurse assured me the biggest difference has been my weight loss and my healthy diet.

“I have had further tests and over a year on from reversing the diabetes, the retinal damage it caused has corrected itself.”

Vicki, meanwhile, weighed 17 stone and suffered from severe abdominal pain before deciding to start WW.

After starting the programme, Vicki lost three stone in six months, following which she has lost a further four stone. She is no longer considered to be diabetic.

“In 2017, I was told at one of my diabetes checks that my blood pressure and cholesterol levels were normal [and] I was no longer diabetic,” said Vicki.

“Having been diabetic, I would always remain high risk, but it feels amazing to have conquered my unhealthy lifestyle.”

WW is an official provider of the Healthier You NHS England Diabetes Prevention Programme.

According to WW, in one recent programme 166 patients were referred to WW from 14 GP practices across Bromley.

Diabetes type 2: Foods to lower blood sugar

Diabetes type 2: Foods to lower blood sugar.

Diabetes type 2: Foods to lower blood sugar

Following the 48-week programme, almost 70 per cent of the patients either reduced their risk or were no longer at risk of type 2 diabetes.

How does the WW programme work?

“With the WW plan, no foods are off limits, even when you have diabetes. There are no ‘diabetes recipes’ or special foods,” explains WW.

“Instead, the WW SmartPoints® system guides you to foods that are lower in sugar and higher in protein.

The WW plan also helps patients to complete and keep track of physical activity to aid their weight loss.

Patients can earn ‘FitPoints®’ for the physical activity they do and will learn exactly how each activity benefits their own body, based on their height, weight, age and sex.

All patients on the WW programme receive guidance from a personal wellness coach.

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