You Have to See This Viral Video of a Woman Giving Birth in the Car on Her Way to the Hospital

About two weeks before she was due to deliver her fourth child, Rudia Napier was on her way to the hospital for a checkup when she got the surprise of a lifetime.

Napier's water broke as she was sitting in the passenger seat next to her husband, who was behind the wheel. Pretty soon, she started feeling her baby pushing through her body. Her husband, Michael Addison, asked her if she could hold the baby in, but there was no stopping their little one.

Just minutes later, as they were nearly at the hospital but still on the road, Napier gave birth in the front seat of their car.

Napier and Addison, who are from Henderson, Nevada, had brought their three kids along for what they thought would be a routine checkup. Their son, Jayden, captured his mom going through a four-minute labor and delivery on video from the back seat. Addison posted it on Facebook last weekend; since then, the incredible birth video has racked up over 10 million views.

I’ve done ALOT of “things” in the front seat of my vehicles??…But delivering a baby while driving AND with 3 crying…

"We were making a pre-baby delivery video to get ready to welcome our baby into the world, for the future. We didn't expect in to happen within the next four minutes," Addison told local news station KTNV Las Vegas. "Six hours later, I watched the video. 'Oh wow! He recorded the whole thing and it was the perfect PG-13 angle.'"

The family made it to the hospital a few minutes after their newborn baby girl came into the world. Fortunately, both mom and baby were pronounced healthy. 

They named their little girl Jolee Lavergne Addison, but the Internet has another name for her: "Infiniti Baby" because she was born in the family's Infiniti FX35. 

Addison told local news station KVVU Las Vegas that they appreciate all of the well-wishes they've received since posting the video. "A lot of people wrote this video had me crying and laughing at the same time," he said, "'Oh my god, I'm so happy for you guys, god bless you, congratulations to all,' 'ya'll, momma bear did a good job.'"

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