6 inches longer, 2 thicker: How penis enlargement changed my life

A small Penis can affect a man’s whole life. A victim reported openly about how his Penis was by an Operation longer as well as thicker.

The Problem moved with him through all of life – in sports, in the locker room, the gaze of classmates, when Swimming and, ultimately, Sex. “I have been suffering that my Penis came in the flaccid state for a maximum time of seven centimeters, even if the women said the you to bother,” recalls Jürgen Müller (Name changed).

Even if it was still a micro-penis (less than 7.5 centimetres in the erected state), was suffering enormous self-confidence was at the very bottom.

Penis extension came to him only in Germany out of the question

Two years ago he made the decision to let a penis extension. “I researched on the Internet and then went to the surgeon a beauty,” says the craftsman. The recommended the Nefertiti clinic in Bonn, Germany, because in Germany there is not many surgeons who perform this Operation.

It’s different in countries like the Czech Republic, Turkey or Thailand. “But I was going abroad, it was my best piece, and since I wanted to risk a botched job,” explains Jürgen Müller.

In two hours to a thicker and longer Penis

He made an appointment in the Bonn clinic, Dr. Stefan Schill, a specialist in plastic and Aesthetic surgery and a member of the German society for Aesthetic plastic surgery (DGÄPC) . “The advice was first class and we agreed on a surgery date,” says the young man. The procedure itself lasted a good two hours, under General anesthesia. The subsequent night remained Jürgen Müller in the clinic, after a day in the Hotel, to the follow-up exercise.

Operation consists of two Parts

During the Operation, the surgeon broke through an incision at the pubic bone, the retaining band between the base of the penis and the pubic bone. As a result, the Penis comes out more, so to the outside for much longer. For the broadening of the doctor injected autologous fat in several Spots of the Penis. This grease has been removed the patient from the abdominal area and processed, so that only fat cells are not applied, remove the back and the Penis is permanent, thickened evenly. dpa/Stellenbosch University Graphical representation of a Penis

Penis was after the surgery, even, but just bigger

Problems after the procedure, there was no, only in the first few days some pain. The water worked, but then perfectly, and also the morning erection didn’t hurt.

“I am with the surgery and the treatment in the clinic completely satisfied,” he says in summary. After one and a half weeks, he was able to go back to work, and Sex he had for the first Time six weeks after the procedure.

For the first Time Sex with big Penis

The first Sex after surgery, he was especially a relief because of the larger Penis he had in the bed, more self-confidence. Loss of sensation and weaker erection ability, what some men fear the surgery, he could not observe, on the contrary. His partner was satisfied the most. However, they had not known him prior to the surgery, still, could not compare.

Two more inches in circumference

But how much of the Penis had, in fact, win on size? “Just under six inches in length and nearly two inches in circumference.” Cost: About 7000 euros and ten vacation days.

Affected men who suffer from your small Penis may be advised by Jürgen Müller only to the operative lengthening of the penis. “If you have the money to spare, you should decide in necessarily to the surgery. After you feel better“, he draws his personal conclusion.

More information is available at the

German society for Aesthetic plastic surgery DGÄPC

and in the case of the

Society for aesthetic and reconstructive intimate surgery Germany GAERID.