A lot of protein can damage if they are Overweight even

To eat protein-containing foods, is to help to lose body weight, build muscle mass and preserve it. Thus, Obese and diabetic patients are often advised to avoid carbohydrates and eat more proteins. But they often suffer from unnoticed chronic kidney disease, which can be made worse by too much protein solid.

Many people who are suffering from Diabetes or is overweight, try a protein-rich diet to lose weight. Three researchers who specialize in diet and kidney disease, make such a diet is now in question, and indicate that you may endanger the health of the kidneys.

At least 30 percent of diabetics, according to the experts at a – often unnoticed – chronic kidney disease, which may deteriorate as a result: "In order to bring it to the point: The recommendation of a protein-rich diet for an obese diabetes patient to reduce weight, but also to a loss of kidney function führen", Professor Denis Fouque, University Claude Bernard in Lyon, France says.

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It was high time that diabetics in the population and the General Public to be warned. In particular, for people with a high risk for chronic kidney disease, including patients with Diabetes, Obesity, people with only one kidney, and possibly also to the elderly, keep a protein-rich diet to be unsuitable.

The researchers refer to results from two new studies from the Netherlands and Korea. You have shown clear correlations between daily protein intake and the decrease of kidney function: the higher the protein intake, the worse the kidney function.

Particularly problematic is a protein-rich diet for people with a slight and unnoticed chronic kidney disease. If you are rich in your diet on a protein diet change, take Fouque, according to "a Fast-track to irreversible renal failure." The beginning of the end of kidney disease should be excluded before changing his eating habits.



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