A new approach to the treatment of hair loss

Japanese scientists have developed an efficient method for you in Nude mice hair growth were able to generate. In contrast to existing methods, the new method can be automated, and to a greater extent applied, so that it offers a great potential for regenerative hair therapy.

A Team of scientists from Yokohama National University in Japan has developed follicles, a method for the Regeneration of hair stem cells of mice and human hair. For this, they have added first of all, hair follicle stem cells of mice in collagen-encapsulated, and cells of the skin surface. After 24 hours, the skin cells stick to the collagen, so that a ball formed, a hair follicle germ. These were discounted on the back of Nude mice transplanted and grew to hair. Compared to other approaches, the collagen-enriched hair follicle germ produced significantly more hair.

The researchers also showed that this method can be automated to hair follicles to produce germs in quantity, which allows the treatment of many patients with hair loss. The next step is to win a sufficient number of hair follicle stem cells of patients with hair loss and to use this.

Hair loss can be hereditary or as a result of skin aging, hormonal disorders, or medication occur. All of this can lead to the loss of stem cells, which are important for hair formation responsible. Currently, hair loss with medication and costly hair transplants will be treated. These treatment methods help only to a limited extent.