Breast cancer due to alcohol? Many women do not know

According to a study from Australia, many middle-aged women is not aware that the consumption of alcohol the risk for breast cancer increases.

A recent survey of 35 women between the ages of 45 and 64 years of age shows a Negative impact on the weight, the relationship with the Partner or the life style to motivate women more likely to drink less alcohol, as warnings about an increased risk of cancer.

"We all want to hear good news about the Drink, for example, that small quantities of red wine for cardiovascular disease can be good. In contrast, the Information is suppressed, alcohol is associated with breast cancer, from the industry, presumably, to the female customer base aufzubauen", the author of the Study Dr. Emma Miller of Flinders University in Adelaide, Australia says. The researcher is of the opinion that the awareness of alcohol-related cancer risks will not be enough to the consumer behavior to counteract. Better targeted messages, related to the short-term risk of alcohol, Miller believes.

Breast cancer in Australia is the most commonly diagnosed cancer. She more than makes up 13 percent of all new cancers and 28% of cancers in women.


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