Can even promote cancers: doctors warns against pathogens in beef and dairy products – Video

A German cancer researcher suspected: The large number of breast and bowel cancer cases could be due to an infection with harmful pathogens in cow’s milk and beef. Now he has new evidence.

Certain pathogens in beef and cow’s milk are suspected to promote cancer. In this Thesis, a Team of medical Harald research, zur Hausen for ten years. Zur Hausen Nobel prize winner in medicine and a scientist at the German cancer research center in Heidelberg. The Team suspected: The consumption of beef and veal and cow’s milk triggers chronic inflammation. The increase in turn the risk of developing colon cancer and possibly breast and prostate cancer.

Now there is new evidence for this assumption, which proclaimed the researchers at a press conference. They announced that they were to have a previously unknown infectious agents in blood and milk of Eurasian cattle demonstrated. This will indirectly favor the emergence of colon cancer. The causative agent has both the properties of bacteria as well as viruses and could, therefore, be a completely new Erregertyp. According to the assumptions of the researcher, he triggers an ongoing inflammatory response DNA mutations, which contributes to the development of cancer.

Can infect with the pathogen only babies in early infancy, when they are fed the first Time with cow’s milk products A subsequent waiver of beef and cow’s milk in adults is Infected, therefore, pointless.

According to zur Hausen, there are possibilities for Prevention. The sugar in mother’s milk, for example, provides a natural protection against the absorption of harmful particles. Mothers should breastfeed their babies so as long as possible, preferably for at least twelve months. As a further possible action by the expert, to vaccinate cattle and the pathogens from the milk filter is called.