Can slow sports eye diseases?

Regular exercise could prevent a strong growth of blood vessels in the eyes, and therefore eye diseases such as age-related macular degeneration (AMD) prevention. A new study with mice suggests.

Researchers at the University of Virginia have for the first time performed in animal experiments with mice, a proof that Sport could slow down the development of AMD. To other eyes could have a movement in a positive diseases, such as glaucoma or a Diabetes induced disease of the retina.

Mice that have a wheel in the cage, and this volunteer took advantage of, were with mice without "Trainingsgerät" compared to The Ingrowth of blood vessels after an eye injury decreased with the sporty animals by 45 percent and in a second Experiment, to 32 percent.

Moderate exercise is better than no Sport

How Sport causes this exactly, you do not know yet. There may be an increased blood flow to the eyes is through the Training behind it. Much Sport was not even necessary: "As long as the mice had a wheel and it ran, you had a Vorteil", study leader Dr. Bradley Gelfand said. Movement brought no further Use. He pointed out that the onset of vision loss is often associated with a decrease in physical activity. Since it is often difficult to inspire older people see also poor, for Sport, want to check, the researchers now whether there are ways to achieve this effect without the Sport.

Gelfand, of "Couch Potato" referred to: "The occasion for this study was also a bit selfish. I was hoping to find a reason to train. As it turned out, however, that movement is really good."