Coronavirus in the USA: the New York Times with the title page move – Trump goes golfing

More than 1.6 million confirmed infections and nearly 100,000 Deaths – the Coronavirus pandemic hits the United States with full force, makes for the suffering and Dying. The country is the world a sad leader, in terms of the Numbers and infections.

That behind the high Figures are a sad human destinies are, demonstrates the “New York Times” impressive. The renowned newspaper dedicates its front page this Sunday, the U.S. death toll of the pandemic. There, and in the inner part of the editorial Board lists the names from published obituaries and a personal record to 1000 of the almost 100,000 dead – no photos, no other messages are on page one. “An immeasurable loss,” the newspaper writes. “None of them was just a number.”

Among the listed dead people of all age classes, five examples are found:

“New York Times”front page for 40 years

It was the first Time in at least 40 years that the “New York Times” has printed a photo on the title page, tells a graphic of the sheet. Head of Department Marc Lacey added: “I wanted something, look at the people even in a hundred years back, in order to understand the extent to which we are declared just through life,” the head of Department Marc Lacey.


The American nightmare – like Corona Donald Trumps of the world power in Ruin falls

While the US moved on the brand of 100,000 Coronavirus-dead heading, the “New York Times”-title page of countless people, and the extent of the Pandamie in the United States illustrates the approach of President Donald Trump, because of his conduct in the crisis in criticism. Trump has seized on the weekend for the first time since the beginning of March to the Golf clubs. The Saturday he spent mainly on his “Virginia Golf Club”, such as, among others, the AFP news Agency reports. In contrast to the present security officials, wore neither the President nor his three Golf partners in a mouth-nose protection, such as the US news channel CNN reported.

Trump, the hopes for his re-election in November, is pushing in the face of massive work place losses in the crisis, a further Opening of the country. “The transition to greatness,” tweeted Trump on Saturday night, his Slogan for the desired back-up of the country.

Many commentators noted the discrepancy between the high number of victims and the Tweet of the President. George Conway, a Trump-critic and husband of the Trump consultant Kelly Anne Conway, announced on Twitter on Saturday, the “NYT”-title page next to a photo, the Trump shows game of Golf.

Sources: Johns Hopkins University, “New York Times”, CNN, Tweet, George Conway, news agencies AFP and DPA

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