Couples Who Do Regularly Do This Together Have Happier Relationships

Google ‘relationship advice’ and you’ll be presented with a ton of entries – some helpful, others, not so much.

But considering that mental health issues affect almost half of all couples at some point or another, this particular tidbit makes a lot of sense.

As part of their annual report on relationship satisfaction, eharmony have established that partners who openly discuss their mental state are far more likely to be content with each other. For the study, they looked at 2,327 participants aged 21+ – both heterosexual and LGBT – who were married, cohabitating or in a LTR.

Anxiety and depression were listed as the month commonly experienced issues, followed by deficit/hyperactivity disorder.

Of the people interviewed, four out of five felt comfortable speaking about their feelings with their partner and reported that this had a positive impact on their connection.

On the other hand, those who found it a difficult topic to broach were often unhappy in their relationship.

“What surprised us about the mental health data was how open Gen Z was about speaking about it,” Jeannie Assimos, chief of advice at eharmony said. “The stigma around this generation is that they are more superficial and care more about looks, but the data shows that they are the most progressive regarding their mental health and the most communicative with their partners, which in turn, leads to happier relationships.”

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