E-cigarettes are the lesser of two Evils

It smells from a distance to cold smoke. The know my seat neighbor on the plane yourself. You can’t get away from the cigarettes, she tells, after it has taken place. They see it as a nurse constantly: “The Butts make people sick.” But your nicotine addiction is stronger. If she has already tried to use E-cigarettes? “No, too dangerous,” she says decisively. “Who knows what’s in there.”

This is a sentence you hear often in Germany. Many smokers do not dare switching to E-cigarettes, although nearly all researchers agree that they are less harmful than traditional cigarettes. Worse still, Apparently, thousands of German steamer switch in this weeks back to tobacco-Smoke – from fear to harm your health. Some will pay with their lives.

News about deaths from the United States to unsettle unjustly

Panic is spreading – among consumers and among politicians. The sales figures of the local E-cigarette merchants a break, 30, 40, sometimes 50 percent. Because for weeks, reports about strange deaths and lung diseases of people who had previously steamed come from the United States. Anything, mind you. Often, the people who had mixed their devices themselves or on the black market-purchased liquids inhaled: adulterated with chemicals as Vitamin-E-acetate or THC Oil.

Some politicians does not prevent the mind to launch a sweeping attack against E-cigarettes. The government of India, for example, has banished you completely. A number of U.S. States have imposed throughout the Empire at the end of sales bans, and Donald Trump wants to ban flavored E-cigarettes across the country.

As regards the protection of young people coming to nicotine through E-cigarettes may be useful. Otherwise, this is primarily activism. Because so far there is no evidence that one of the dead steamer would have died on the consumption of such Liquids with Mango or coffee flavor. For comparison: About a ban on conventional cigarette nobody’s talking almost. All the scientific studies show, almost, that they are much more dangerous than the electronic versions.

About two months ago, the first reports of the mysterious lung emerged diseases. 36 deaths have since become known – every single one is sad. But during these two months the computer are in the USA, around 80,000 people died of the consequences of Smoking Tobacco. Among them, about 7,000 are non-Smoking. Innocent, the have to inhale the smokers poisoned air. A Scandal.

Tobacco is the greater Evil

Of course, E-cigarettes are not healthy. But tobacco is by far the greater Evil. In Marlboros, Camels or Luckies kill rarely spectacular. But it is tremendously effective. At least eight million people die from Smoking, according to the world health organization (WHO) every year on tobacco – which together are more than three times as many Deaths as all illegal drugs.

At least 90 with a high probability of cancer-causing substances contains the poison Cocktail, many caused by the combustion. The Aerosol from E-cigarettes do not contain nearly as many dangerous pollutants. Because there is nothing here to burn.

There is no question that nicotine is addictive, E-cigarettes harm health. And there are studies about their long-term lack of consequences. The legislature must do everything for young people to stay away from them.

On the other hand, E-cigarettes help millions of smokers, to get away from deadly tobacco. In addition, German steamer must not fear abstruse chemicals in the Liquid. The EU tobacco product line, says under the manufacturers of all kinds of potentially harmful ingredients, including THC-Oil and Vitamin E acetate. In some U.S. States, however, there were loopholes in the law.

The shows: All legal drugs need to be regulated. But please differentiated, according to dangerousness. Much more sensible than prohibition of the Sale of E-cigarettes, measures to curb Smoking, the tobacco.

It’s high time that Germany decides to finally be a poster advertising ban conventional cigarettes – as the last state of the Union. The CDU, which has prevented this so far, with all the Power, is now working on a draft law. As it is, to ban outdoor advertising for tobacco cigarettes in the future. E-cigarette manufacturers may advertise more – but only if the advertising is already nicotine-addicted adults.

And if the state transition informing willing to be smokers, then exactly what the risks and opportunities, is, resumed my seat neighbor, perhaps one day electric.