Eating with your fingers enhances the enjoyment

During the meal, the senses play a large role, and a new study could explain why finger food is so popular: people felt that food is not only tastier, if you touched directly with the fingers, they also ate more of it than if you used tool for this purpose.

Adriana Madzharov, assistant Professor at the Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, New Jersey, had 45 students from cubes of cheese to consider and evaluate. Then they were allowed to access food, with approximately half selected by you cubes of cheese with and without skewers. While the cheese cubes have been previously evaluated similar to that found specifically people who control the food usually have a lot of self, the cubes of cheese much more appetizing and tastier, if you had you eaten directly with the fingers. Madzharov says: "Our results suggest that in the case of persons who are in control of your food consumption regularly, the direct contact causes an enhanced sensory response, which the food desires to be more desirable and appealing."

In a second Experiment, Madzharov graduated 145 students in two groups and manipulated specifically in your attitude to food: The people of the first group should imagine that they had decided to eat more consciously and less to remain fit and healthy. In contrast, the participants in the second group should imagine that they have decided to worry less your weight and to treat yourself to more tasty dishes to enjoy the life. All were given four Mini-Donuts with and without skewers. As in the first Experiment, the participants were asked to evaluate the Mini-Donuts, first visually and then to eat. Again, the participants were more self-mastery and the Donuts yummy when you touched directly with the hands. The results, published in the Journal of Retailing.