For good skin and a strong immune system: In 4 steps to rehabilitate your gut

A healthy colon is essential to ensure that nutrients are recycled and the body’s defenses are strong. Certain drugs, but also an imbalance in the intestinal flora damage. We tell you how intestinal cleansing to succeed in a gentle way and the Organ function is again fully operational.

The gut is much more than “just” a digestive organ. Many chronic ailments and diseases have inflammation caused in the gut, or at least be kept strengthened and on the Run. The intestinal mucosa is not intact, and their Flora consists of harmful bacteria and yeast fungi in the Majority. This Ecosystem or Microbiome of the intestine, which is formed from up to 100 trillion micro-organisms is disrupted and favors inflammation. Possible consequences: constantly infections, Overweight, hormone problems of the thyroid gland, anxiety, insulin resistance and autoimmune diseases.

Often the Affected are not even aware that the bowel flora is damaged. However, if symptoms such as constipation or diarrhea, and flatulence occur again and again are the signs of intestinal inflammatory processes.

The way out of the intestinal crisis is a rehabilitation program for the digestion, can be used in several steps, as proposed by the Doctor and author, Aviva Romm in her new health guide. This not only regulates digestion, but deprives also the other health problems the base, which were created as a result. Now at Amazon, Dr. med. Aviva Romm: The riot of hormones, such as our life style, thyroid, stressed adrenals and metabolism

Preparation for the intestinal cleansing without laxatives

In contrast to many other colonic cleansing or colon cleansing methods is not, however, radical Discharge is necessary. First of all, you should finish just the wrong diet. Digestion should no longer be burdened by irritants in addition.

This includes everything not to omit, what to tolerate in your stomach and intestines. The can be Gluten, but also strong of roasted coffee, fatty foods, or sugar. The same is true for refined carbohydrates such as white flour products.

These unhealthy foods replace best with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, high quality proteins and fats such as in nuts and vegetable oils. This Diet also supports the self-healing forces of the body.

After a week of this diet, you can start with the targeted intestinal cleansing. The Four-step program with Aviva Romm:

1. You refrain, if possible, on everything the intestinal mucosa damage

As we know, some antibiotics can affect the intestinal flora unfavorable. Other medications can affect the Ecosystem of the digestive, the pain killers. Therefore, for the intestinal cleansing in a period of time, if you don’t have to take these medicines – so if you have for example a dental surgery, Bronchitis, migraine or rheumatism. The drugs are of course, important. In other cases, you should make yourself aware of whether the painkillers are really need it, so talk to your doctor.

In order to eliminate harmful bacteria from the intestine, there are also a number of medicinal plants, such as sage, thyme, Canadian orange root. It is also important to drink plenty of water to support the self-cleaning of the body.

2. Lack of digestive enzymes Supplement and stomach acid production to compensate for

Digestive enzymes old to help the individual food constituents into molecules to split, in order for the body to digest and utilized. These enzymes are secreted in the saliva, the mucous membrane of the stomach and intestines, and the pancreas produces, however, often in sufficient quantity. This leads to digestive complaints. It may therefore be useful, before each meal digestive enzymes to take, different products, there are over-the-counter in pharmacies.

In addition, the gastric juice can steer in the right direction: If too much gastric acid, heartburn and Reflux natural AIDS are licorice and zinc carnosine. Who would like to support, on the contrary, the formation of the stomach acid, you should drink before each meal a glass of water with one to two spoons of Apple cider vinegar.

3. The intestinal flora, renew

If the harmful bacteria are gone, it is important to repopulate the Microbiome in the gut with “good” intestinal bacteria and rebuild. You eat so much lettuce and cabbage. Especially helpful fermented vegetables is Sauerkraut, for example. It naturally contains valuable lactic acid bacteria.

You can support this with a probiotic that contains a mixture of Lactobacillus and bifidus bacterium strains Supplement the can still be with prebiotics, i.e. the natural starch from oats, garlic, or onions, in order to strengthen the intestinal flora.

Thus, the beneficial intestinal bacteria can feed and your work record, in addition, fiber is important. That means: eat your veggies, and in addition with flax seeds and psyllium husks to the colon valuable fiber.

4. The colon time for recovery

Now, the bowel needs time to renew itself from the ground up. Like almost every other tissue and Organ in the body, the intestine is in a constant building process. The wall of the intestine, for example, needs nearly a week to rebuild and subsiding inflammation.

In this task, you can assist him, such as with zinc, marshmallow root, and L-glutamine powder. This amino acid is important for the mucous membrane. In addition, the well-known antioxidants are selenium, useful as Vitamin A, C, E and the trace element.

With the right motto for your life in the future, stay healthy

Thus, it is not to say, however, “according to the intestinal rehabilitation rehabilitation is in front of the colon”, you should handle in the future, a little more careful with your body and especially the digestive. This means: Keep a sensible diet plan, you eat daily fresh vegetables and fruit, avoid sugar, white flour products and animal fats. If you reduce also Stress, and lovingly treat yourself will not only benefit your body but also your Psyche. You make your motto in life: “I want to feel vital and light-hearted and my body and enjoy my life!”