Gallstones – symptoms, causes and treatment

Gall stones in the bladder treatments and symptoms

The gall bladder is a Reservoir in which bile accumulates, which is needed, for example when eating large amounts of greasy meat, so the food can be digested. In the gall bladder may form gallstones, which is sometimes in the common bile duct and this clogging can Hiking. As a consequence, this can cause jaundice, is extremely painful colic and biliary pain. This is the case, recommend that Doctors remove the entire gallbladder.

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Gallstones – An Overview

  • The gall bladder is believed to be a relic from the times of hunters and collectors. It stores bile, so this is the consumption of large quantities of fat-rich foods to accelerate the digestion.
  • In the gallbladder can form so-called gall stones, which some people will go unnoticed, however, is the danger that these stones can migrate from the bile out. You get stuck in the bile channels or in other parts of the abdominal cavity, this can lead to cramp-like pains – so-called colic.
  • Have formed gallstones and/or has already led to colic, advises bladder medicine for immediate surgical removal of the bile.
  • If the Organ is not inflamed, the surgery today is minimally invasive, which is extremely safe and is now Routine. In the case of severe inflammation of the gall bladder only a conventional Operation with a long cut helps, however, cross over the abdominal wall. This requires a longer stay in the hospital, as well as a long-term wound healing.

Function of the gallbladder

The gallbladder does not produce bile, but it stores it, which is evolutionarily well understood. Over tens of thousands of years our ancestors have lived as hunters and gatherers. In case of a successful hunt very much the meat was ready at once to eat, in the event of a failed hunt, there were several weeks of hardly any meat. A lot of bile from the body need especially when too much fat the meat has to be digested. It was so important, if the hunter kilos of deer, Bison or wild boar swallowed, do not need to produce the bile, but to have in stock.

Today, people can forego on the Organ. Gallstones occur, must be adapted to the diet to avoid colic and jaundice. Thus, there is no compelling reason to remove the gall bladder, in order to create the danger from the world.

Stones in the gallbladder

In the bile can bladder, such as in the kidney, so-called stones. The size of the „Gries“ ranges from the size of sand grains up to a brownish lumps the size of chickpeas. Some people remember nothing of it, invading the bladder these Structures, however, from the gall and clog vessels or transport ways in the body, they trigger severe, cramping pain, called colic. In Affected individuals, this triggers the feeling to get no more air. In addition, the pain of Hiking in the upper abdomen and the right shoulder. In this case, it is to visit a doctor immediately, so that this in a timely manner can remove the gall bladder.

Studies show that such gallstones are caused to be 25% genetically. Earlier theories, according to which the gallstones are caused by psychological stress and/or by fat diet and lack of movement-rich, have been scientifically refuted. Young slim women who eat a low-calorie, do not smoke and do not drink alcohol, get just as gall stones as old men with Overweight who suffer from alcoholism and from the Sofa.

Traditional theories about the alleged causes can even be dangerous. So a woman who suffered in the 1980s under recurrent colic and that’s why several times a doctor had visited her that she told the doctor that you thought that your pain would be due to gallstones reports. The doctor shook the head and said that a woman could get in to the age and weight no gall stones. Months later, they came up with extreme cramping pain in the emergency room. The gall bladder was inflamed, dangerous, solely the implementation of an Emergency SURGERY saved her life.

Bile acid and Lecithin usually form an equilibrium between the water in the bile and the non-water-soluble cholesterol soluble. Gallstones can also be caused by the Holding of extreme diets, because the balance is disturbed and a Cholesterol stones can form. A low fluid intake however, for the formation of gallstones, as well as alcohol (unlike kidney stones) does not matter.

When are gallstones a Problem?

Smaller stones can migrate into the bile duct, stuck in there and cause infection. They need to be removed endoscopically through the intestines. If stones block the exit of the gallbladder, are the cause of most colic with cramp-like pain that can radiate to the upper abdomen and even up into the right shoulder. The Concerned should be immediately to the doctor, so that the stones can be smashed in the framework of a gall mirror. The medicine recommends in such cases to immediately remove the gallbladder.

Pent-up bile triggers a so-called jaundice from – Symptoms of jaundice. The Affected are chronically exhausted, the White in the eyes turns, as well as the skin yellow. Now there is the risk that the gallbladder is inflamed, which can quickly become dangerous.

Inflammation of the gallbladder

It comes as a result of the gall stones, to a stasis of bile and inflammation, it must be promptly a clinic visited. Symptoms symptoms are chronic Exhaustion, and said yellow coloring of the skin and eyes. You should immediately to the emergency room of a hospital when these symptoms occur, because within a few days Sepsis can occur, which often remains unnoticed. Your skin turns more yellow, they are not always exhausted, in pain you usually suffer, however, however, the death occurs after a short period of time.

Initially, the immune system can be fixed by a “bombardment” with white blood cells to the inflammation. It is a abscess of dead leukocytes. Rise now but the Inflammation may limit the immune response to the inflammation, so that a Sepsis in the abdominal cavity. While such a blood poisoning in the early stages today, with high dose antibiotics to combat, in advanced stages, leads, however, to the death. Instant conventional Operation, in order to allow the abscess to drain and to remove the gall bladder, is necessary.

Gallbladder removal – traditional methods

The older methods to remove the gallbladder, a surgical procedure through a large incision in the skin, what is referred to as “Cholecystectomie”. The second method is the “laparoscopic Cholecystectomie” and demand in many of the small skin incisions. As a tool, an endoscope is used and both operations are performed under General anesthesia.

The second method has the advantage that the recovery period is much shorter and the patients are able to leave faster to the hospital. However, this method is not suitable for all people, especially those not already in surgery on the abdomen.

In the case of the open procedure, the skin of the upper abdomen is incised, so that the abdominal cavity can be achieved, in order to remove the bile. Sometimes in x-ray are considered the images, to determine whether the stones in the main bile duct to “hide”. This is the case, open the gear and have the stones removed. The bile flows via a catheter, which is removed days or weeks after the Operation.

In the case of a laparoscopic surgery, the medical staff makes a specific Gas in the abdominal cavity. Then, the endoscope which was previously introduced by a single cut, the various interventions the company. The gallbladder is removed with the endoscope from the bile duct and removed. Stones in main bile duct with laparoscopic instruments is also provided.

Risks and complications

Both procedures are very safe. Risks such as strokes, kidney failure, lung inflammation, and thrombosis in the legs, usually arise in the case of General anesthesia. In any surgical procedure, there are typical risks that are associated with the Penetration into the body. Possible infections include in the abdominal cavity or in the incision in the abdomen. The Affected must be take in such a case, over a longer period of time antibiotics and possibly even surgery.

In the course of the potential bleeding it can be necessary that you have to operate on blood transfusions to be administered, or also. In extremely rare cases, liver, intestines and stomach, as well as the bile duct can be damaged. The need for a further Operation can also be through the abdominal wall openings where the intestines against the weak inner abdominal wall presses, triggered.

What happens after the procedure?

The bile is removed, you’ll be in the recovery room, and later in a normal room. Until you are independently able to eat and drink, is administered to the food through an Infusion. To thrombosis to prevent, patients should go (together with clinic staff) in the hospital around, as soon as you are able. The dismissal takes place after a few days. In the case of the following symptoms, you should immediately consult your doctor: fever, severe pain in the abdomen (easy to Pull or Scrape after the procedure is normal), weakness, swelling or infection.

Laparoscopy is the “gold standard”

The doctor Konstantinos Zarras refers to the Removal of the gallbladder using a laparoscopy is today considered the gold standard. In Germany, this procedure is performed to 170,000 Times per year. The cuts, on the Tokare be introduced, are tiny. The laparoscope, as the largest Tokar, has a diameter of twelve millimeters, and is introduced (for aesthetic reasons) over the umbilical pit. On access in the navel of the abdominal cavity of the patient is introduced with carbon dioxide and inflated by means of Tovar, a camera with lighting. On the camera image, the surgeon can see exactly where the surgical instruments are recognised. This will need a maximum of five mm thick locks. The stones are removed, the gall bladder is cut and automatically in the mountain of bags stuck.

Diet without gallbladder

In advance, there is a conditional all-clear: The Removal of a gall bladder burst never puts essential functions of digestion, so that Affected how a diabetic should eat for a lifetime, only for very specific things, because otherwise life is in danger goes. It is not so. The medicine there is today no generally valid recommendations and more, what diet is suitable for a life without gallbladder. Some people notice no change at all, and others react to certain food sensitive, you could eat before without problems.

Since the body is a Reservoir that bile stores to have it available when it is needed in larger quantities to process plenty of fat food, should you look for in fries, Gyros, grilled Haxe, grilled chicken, and Similar to how they tolerate the Consumed. Some people report that you must eat such food more quickly and more frequently to the bathroom than before.

The body can’t digest very large quantities of food that are rich in fat and carbohydrates, as well and needs on top of that longer. If you do not have to expect according to the menu at a Greek restaurant with Gyros and lamb chops that you need to writhe with spasms on the ground, however, it may be that you will need for the digestion may take longer, than people who have immediately a replenishment of bile juice in store. (Dr. Utz Anhalt)