Gaps in memory in old age through watching television?

Parents struggle often with the time your children spend in front of the TV. Maybe you should make but rather to their own parents to Worry about: researchers reported that older people could remember with a high TV consumption is worse in a list of words.

People who had seen over six years, every day more than 3.5 hours away, were able to recall worse in ten words than those with a lower TV consumption. The dose seemed to be relevant: The longer the study participants were dedicated to the TV, the lower their verbal memory, the researchers report in the journal Scientific Reports.

The results were, however, no reason to banish the TV: The study describes only a connection, it can be concluded that extensive television actually causes memory problems. The opposite is also conceivable: people who have a worse memory, remote may see more. Nevertheless, the authors suggest that television could interfere with the memory.

The researchers examined data from 3.590 persons aged 50 years and above, collected within the framework of a English longitudinal study on ageing. The participants reported how many hours they spent, on average, per day watching television. In addition, they listened to a recording of ten simple words, every two seconds, you tried to remember, both immediately after the Listening to, as well as with a short delay. Six years later, the Tests were repeated and the results on the correlations between memory performance and the television consumption.