Hospitals receive a better organ donation-terms and conditions

More time, more money and support through mobile teams of experts for small hospitals: The requirements for organ donation in the German clinics is to improve. A new law aims adopted by the Bundestag on Thursday with a large majority.

The goal is to increase the number of donors in Germany. “Of the 10,000 patients hope, the wait for a donor organ,” said Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU). The law is expected to occur at the beginning of April. The Central points:

MORE TIME: Since 2012, to all hospitals transplant representative designate to the support of organ donation organised. To this process, to identify potential organ donors, report to accompany members and to keep Doctors and nurses regularly on the subject to date.

In order for the representative to fulfil this function, you will be exempt from other tasks. The requirements depend on the number of beds in intensive care units. In addition, they should receive the right of access to the intensive care units and to be switched on when patients could come in as an organ donor in question.

MORE MONEY: clinics for organ donation is better remunerated. Current flat rates are not cost-covering, said SPD parliamentary group Deputy Karl Lauterbach. To change, without hospitals with organ donation profits. According to the draft, likely to the statutory health insurance funds, thus an estimated expenditure of more than Euro 30 million in the year.

For the health system, the better the compensation means to the first view cost more, in the long term, but also savings, says Lauterbach. As a result, costs are the absence of transplants, it is about when there is a permanent blood cleansing due to severe kidney disease.

MOBILE teams of EXPERTS: Planned is a new on-call service with mobile teams of Doctors. This is to ensure that all clinics can check the medical requirements for organ donation – so the final, non-recoverable failure of the overall function of the cerebrum, the cerebellum and the brain stem. Until the end of 2020, according to the law should be entrusted to “an appropriate institution” with the organization of the team of experts.

OTHER POINTS: intended to Facilitate an exchange between Concerned with the rules for anonymous Writing, with the organ recipients to the families of organ donors to thank. In addition, with a nationwide system of documentation should be recorded in the clinics and evaluated, and why a failure of brain functions has not been established.

Regardless of the law, a discussion about the new organ donation to be running in the Bundestag rules. So far, withdrawals are allowed only if the donor or family members have expressly agreed. Spahn touts, instead, for a so-called “double contradiction solution”. Therefore, each is automatically considered as a donor, which does not contradict. As a double barrier members can make this contradiction.

A group around the Green-Chairman Anna Lena Baerbock and Left-Boss Katja Kipping suggests, however, that the willingness to donate organs again and again, binding to query – for example, when you Pick up of new passports.

A “glimmer of hope”, according to the Doctors, and politicians, even when further action is needed: The number of donations has increased after a long downward trend. Last year, 955 people left after her death, organs for other patients, such as the German Foundation for organ transplantation (DSO), announced. That was a Plus of almost 20 percent compared to 2017 797 donors, and the first major increase since 2010.