If he ordered on the first Date, this court, is a clear sign that he likes you – Video

Carnal lust in the truest sense of the word: researchers from Australia have found that men to order on a Date more meat, if you find a woman sexy. Also, women tend to have a certain dish – but in a completely different direction.

Food is sexy? This is the question that scientists from Melbourne and Sydney. They found that When men order on a first Date to a Steak or a Burger, this is an indication that you are interested in. Their study of 1600 women and men took part, appeared in the journal of nutrition "Food Quality and Preference".

Men pick up the Burger, women salad

The marketing experts showed in three trials in Australia, England and the United States, that there is a connection between sexual Motivation and the consumption of meat – at least in men. Women tend to prefer salad and vegetables. You indicate the Date that you pay attention to your health and your appearance.

In the first Setting the subjects were shown images of attractive men and women. As a reward for participation they were allowed to choose between meat or a vegan dish. 86 percent of the men chose the meat, in the case of women, it was just the half of it. In the two other experiments, one group was invited on a Date to present, at the end of which you would like to have Sex with the other. The control group played in front of the inner eye, as you experienced with friends for a fun evening. Here, too, is confirmed: it Is a sexual Motivation in the game that increases the meat hunger. The men ordered according to their Dating fantasy a Burger.

Men and meat – all through the Evolution due to the

Study leader Eugene Chang, of the Monash Business School in Melbourne, has an explanation: "The desire to have Sex is a fundamental human need. The search for a Partner, is anchored to evolution due to fixed in our Psyche, and therefore, it is possible that this plays a role in the decision-making about food – if it is for the choice of a partner is important." This means that, with a view to the Evolution of stronger and more prosperous I considered, could afford meat.

Their study, results of the Australian scientists see the rise in global meat consumption is confirmed. The rose, according to the Worldwatch Institute the world of 31.3 kilos in 1989 to 41.9 kg in 2010. Eugene Chang sees a direct connection with the flood of images that surrounds us: "In our society we are surrounded by sexual Stimulation. We can use the images on billboards, online or in television, but not escape."

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