In the worst case, we are quickly at a point at which the epidemic is no longer manageable

According to the first rule-loosening of the Coronavirus pandemic, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) has warned against complacency. That Germany had so far been quite good by the epidemic, was due to the early measures taken mitigation measures. “We must not now be negligent,” said RKI Vice President Lars what a pity on Friday in Berlin. The relaxations are not likely to lead to a landslide of further easing.

What a pity pointed out that within a few weeks, around 5300 people in the Coronavirus-induced lung disease Covid-died 19, “and it will, unfortunately, die more people”.

Swedish Model

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Reproduction number keep 1

The reproduction number will be further appreciated to 0.9, said what a pity. On average, each Infected to put almost another people. The challenge is to keep this value below 1. The further the value falls, the better. In some regions, such as where there are large outbreaks in institutions, whether the number is higher than 1.

If people had more close contacts, also threatened more contagions, said what a pity. How fast it could go, that the situation is manageable and the hospitals are overloaded, have you seen in other countries. What a pity again appealed to the people to keep more of the measures. “In the worst case, we have arrived quickly at a point at which the epidemic is manageable,” he warned.

Coronavirus: RKI recommends more testing in the symptoms

Mitigation of Corona-infection, the RKI recommends that in addition to the General testing of respiratory diseases. The Tests are no longer subject to the condition that there is sufficient testing capacity, so what a pity. For one, there is more possibilities to test, on the other, the cold season is over, and it’s more hits “to Covid-19-disorders are to be expected” to.

Not least, it was after the relaxation of output constraints “particularly important,” Corona-diseases in the case of weak symptoms, said what a pity. “We strongly recommend that each infection with a Respiratory whether cough or fever, should also be tested.”

You hear to match the theme with the “We and Corona”-Podcast:

In view of the gradual school openings does not exclude the RKI possible infections, the risk could be through a variety of measures will be minimized. It is important to respond to an outbreak in a school very quickly, to carry the Virus in the population. If this “happens regularly and often”, would have to be considered, “the measures to attract,” said what a pity.

What a pity a rating of DFL-concept “tends to be positive”

The question of whether the spread of the Coronavirus with the the summer season could be similar to the flu will be stopped, the RKI, according to a non-answer. There were no Figures yet as to whether the summer make a difference, and whether the Virus might be inactivated in the warm air and by radiation from the sun, said what a pity. Previously an American had reported on the government’s advisers, that the UV rays apparently, the pathogen could kill. He referred to an Experiment by scientists from the US government.

The RKI Vice President also evaluated the of the German football League, presented the concept to the possible re-start of the Bundesliga tends to be positive. “What is there in it, and in terms of the Considerations that a quarantine to The seem to me to be quite rational Considerations,” said what a pity. The responsibility for final evaluation of the concept he does not see, however, at the RKI. It was a Problem of labor protection. “These are football professionals. That’s their Job, and to that extent there is a concept that has been created by the labor protection side,” he explained.

In the on Thursday presented a strategy paper of the DFL are recorded for a planned resumption of operation of the strict organizational requirements. Thus, a maximum of approximately 300 people to be involved in the implementation of the stadium spectators, players and coaches included. In addition, there are clear guidelines for hygiene measures.

In the case of an infection, according to the concept of not “automatically the entire squad is said to 14 days in quarantine,” DFB chief physician Tim Meyer, the German press Agency. The 52-year-old head of the Institute for sports and preventive medicine at the Saarland University, was the DFL-concept as a Task Force leader a crucial part. “Of course, the infected Person will be isolated and observed, as well as the contact persons, which would then, in consultation with the Department of health observed and isolated,” said Meyer. The aim of the League remains, the season, 2019/20, up to 30. June complete.

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