Infected hosts organized a birthday party of 18 people developing Corona

A sick host, and a Surprise birthday party in Texas has led to at least 18 people with the novel Coronavirus have been infected. Ron Barbosa of the U.S. city of Carrollton told local media that a total of 25 people at the Party to 30. Birthday of his daughter-in-law had attended at the end of may. His nephew got them organized, he reported to the TV station WFAA-TV. What the host didn’t know but at this time, He was already infected with the Virus.

Corona in the United States

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His nephew had complained of cough, told Barbosa. He was but assumed that this came from his work in the construction industry. “The Party didn’t take very long. A couple of hours,” said he. During this time, his nephew have been in contact with seven family members were infected with the Coronavirus and then the excitation to ten more members of the family spread.

Among the Sufferers also Barbosas parents Frank and Carole, and his sister Kathy, who is fighting against breast cancer. All three had to be hospitalized. While Carole and Kathy, meanwhile, can leave the hospital had suspended the life of his father on a “on a thread,” said Barbosa of the local news page, “Crossroads Today”. “It’s heartbreaking,” he added. Barbosa had not even participated in the Celebration for fear of a possible infection with Corona.

Last Wednesday his father had received a plasma donation from a recovering Covid-19 patients, announced Barbosa on his Facebook page. “Our prayers have been answered”, write it. Doctors have informed him that I have stabilised the condition.

Texas leads again to restrictions

Because of the rapid increase of Corona infections, the US has introduced state of Texas in the past week restrictions. Governor Greg Abbott said on Friday that new infections have declined, especially on “certain activities”, among other things, “the coming Together of Texans in Bars”. The conservative politicians have adopted, therefore, a decree, which Bars receive no guests and only drinks to Take away are not allowed to sell. Restaurants may only work with a capacity of 50 percent.

Sources: WFAA-TV, “Crossroads Today”, Facebook

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