Like a place in Italy distribution of the Coronavirus (almost)

A small village in the North-East of Italy has stopped in a field experiment in temporarily all of the new Coronavirus infection of its inhabitants. Vò in the vicinity of Venice was one of the eleven towns and villages in Lombardy, where the Italian wave of Infection began, how the British “Guardian” reported. Out of the 3300-strong community was discovered, accordingly, in February, the 77-year-old Adriano Trevisan is the first death victim of Covid-19 in the country.

Very Vò due to Corona under quarantine

The Italian authorities had responded massively to the message from the first Corona-the dead of the country, wrote the researchers, Andrea Crisanti and Antonio Cassone on Friday in a guest contribution to the newspaper. Crisanti is Professor of Microbiology at the University of Padua, Cassone is a former Director of the Department for infectious diseases at the Italian Institute of health.


Life in times of Corona: Like the Virus, our country has changed

The whole city was quarantined, and all residents – even those without symptoms – have been tested, described by the experts in the “Guardian” of the procedure. “The Tests were processed at the University of Padua. It was clear that there was a unique epidemiological Situation and a request was made to keep the city under lock and key, and after nine days of a second round of testing to perform.”

The result is impressive Crisanti and Cassone: “In the first round of testing were tested in 89 people in a positive, in the second round, the number dropped to six people, which then also remained in Isolation”, they reported. Because you’ve made the people under quarantine, before they had shown signs of infection, it was possible to stop the further spread of the Coronavirus in less than 14 days. “In this way we have managed the Coronavirus in Vò eradicate and to achieve a 100 percent cure rate in previously infected individuals, while no further cases of Transmissions have been recorded,” wrote the scientists.

“We have made an interesting finding: At the time of diagnosis of the first symptomatic case, a significant part of the population, about three percent was infected, already – most of them, however, were completely asymptomatic”, noted Crisanti and Cassone. Your study had brought a valuable insight: “The Test of all citizens, regardless of whether they have symptoms or not, provides a way to bring this pandemic under control.”

New infection case muddies success message

The nature of the corona of a crisis of law, a structured response, such as in Vò is a key factor in the fight against the pandemic. At the same time, Tests of the population are far-reaching, vital to accurate statements, how many people are affected and how high the mortality rate is due to the Virus is actually. Only if you know exactly how many people are actually infected, one could also specify valid, how high is the proportion of fatal disease progression.

"Pandemic Footprint"

The Corona-footprint: Three friends develop an Online calculator for the pandemic

On Friday afternoon the success message from Vò was marred, however, According to the Italian news Agency Ansa has been tested in the place but a resident a positive. The risk of a return of Covid-19 also after a period without new cases to be high, commented Pier Luigi Lopalco, Professor of Hygiene at the University of Pisa the setback in Vò. “The message of the new Case could be due to change of location, or a contamination by asymptomatic people.”

Sources: The Guardian 1, The Guardian 2, “Sky News”, Ansa

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