New study proves that With a little bit of Sport, we come out healthy from the crisis

A new US study has investigated the effect Sport has on the health of the mentally Stable. Now is the time to be active, is the author of the Study says. Because regular exercise keeps us from falling into a deep hole.

The Corona-the crisis hits in the mood: Many are concerned about your loved one, feel exhausted and are irritated faster. Can help: to Wait, hope, and sports. According to a study, movement of the lift within a short period of time, our mood and keeps us from falling into a Depression. This effect lasts for several weeks.

For their study, the researchers from the Columbia University in New York, 119 healthy but non-athletic adults have selected between 19 and 45 years, where she submitted a questionnaire to their mental health. It was important for the researchers, especially that you had no emotional disorders, mentally so stable. Because so far, the impact of Sport on the Psyche have been studied only in people who were generally more susceptible to an anxiety disorder or clinical Depression.

Four times a week for 30 minutes of exercise

Your subjects have divided the researchers into two groups – an experimental group and a control group. The experimental group had about three months, four times a week for nearly 35 minutes either on a treadmill walking, or Jogging, or you were on a bike-home trainer to let off steam. At the end of the training, the participants should be all out of breath.

After the three months, the researchers surveyed the experimental and control group back to their mental Constitution, and asked the experimental group to drive for a month, any Sport. All of the participants were disappointed – they had become accustomed to the movement.

Risk of suffering from Depression, 35 percent with a low

After the sports the free month, the researchers interviewed their participants for the last Time. The result: the mental health of the experimental group was better than before the Experiment.

Your risk of developing Depression, compared to the control group to 35 percent. Also you had no problems with negative emotions – they were irritated or annoyed, even hostile. The positive effect came within the three months of Training and was sustained during the unsportsmanlike Phase to the final survey.

The study author Kathleen McIntyre sums it up: “Who can go these days for walking, Jogging or Cycling to get out, should do it. It helps us with all of the negative feelings that we all experience right now.“

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